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Munich High-End 2019: Gold Note’s DS-10 & PH-1000

  • We know Italy’s Gold Note best for their IS-1000 super-integrated amplifier: a DAC and MM/MC phono stage that feeds a Class A/B loudspeaker amplification stage. Phil Wright reviewed it here. I previewed it a few months prior; at Munich High-End 2018 (here). I don’t attend shows to listen to gear but to scope out new products for further listening at home.

    To this year’s Munich event, Gold Note will bring two new products for our previewing pleasure.

    The first: the PH-1000 phono stage — an evolution of the PH-10 that will feature three independent inputs (for those running there ‘tables or tonearms), 12 EQ curves, adjustable capacitance, adjustable gain (including ‘fine gain’) and switchable mono/stereo (for those flipping between mono and stereo cartridges).

    The second: the DS-10 (see header image) — a 32bit/768kHz AKM AK4493 DAC circuit, fed by a network streamer, married to a headphone amplifier and – less common – an analogue pre-amplifier.

    Your choice of black, silver or champagne gold.

    For more information, including pricing, we must visit Gold Note at Munich High-End 2019. Halle 4, Stand N10.

    Further information: Gold Note

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