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Gold Note announces PA-1175 MK2 amplifier

  • Prefer your amplification big n ballsy? Introducing a revision of the first stereo power amplifier from Florence’s Gold Note. Inside its 22kg aluminium and steel chassis, the PA-1175 MK2 sets a 640VA custom toroidal transformer to work on four ‘matched’ output transistors per channel for a fully-balanced circuit that nets 200wpc into 8 Ohms, extendable to 520wpc when bridged into mono.

    According to the Italian manufacturer, a proprietary “BIAS constant current generator” ensures high-current delivery, low distortion of <0.01%THD @ 20Hz-20kHz and a slew rate – “the maximum rate at which an amplifier can respond to an abrupt change of input level” – of 20V/μs.

    Balanced and single-ended inputs show up on the back panel with a clever innovation on the front: switchable damping factor, from 25 to 250, for pairing with inefficient and efficient loudspeakers.

    From the press release: “At 250 DF, it guarantees the greatest control necessary for large and difficult speakers while at 25 DF acts as a low power tube amplifier, ideal to drive high-sensitivity or mini monitor speakers which would not perform well with big amplifiers”.

    The PA-1175 MK2 begins shipping this month and will be available through Gold Note’s dealer network for €5500.

    Further information: Gold Note


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