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Chord Electronics announces GoFigure for Android

  • Looking for a high-end digital audio player and network streamer? Doubtful that you’d find one that sounds as immersive or as transparent as Chord Electronics’ Mojo-Poly. The Mojo is one of the most detailed-sounding DACs money can buy for less than US$1000. The Poly is a direct-connecting streaming add-on module for the Mojo that offers support for playback via Bluetooth, UPnP, AirPlay and Roon Ready or a microSD card inserted into its side.

    Catch up on our Poly preview here and our review here, where we found the Mojo-Poly two-fer to be a highly competent network streamer for home hi-fi racks but a screenless thousand dollar DAP that put competition from Sony and Astell&Kern in the shade. A product that truly lives up to the cliché: competes with products two or three times the price.

    With no touchscreen to invite sticky fingers, moving the Poly’s functional mode/s from home hero to portable powerhouse is the Chord-coded GoFigure control app, hitherto available only for iOS devices.

    Today, Android users can breathe again: GoFigure is now available from the Google Play Store here.

    Quoth the press release: Designed as a configuration companion, to complement third-party control-point Apps commonly used to control music playback through Poly and Mojo, Gofigure simplifies many of Poly’s advanced processes and adds intuitive navigation through the various set-up options.

    Gofigure’s built-in wizard entirely negates the need for the original configuration pin and makes it easy to configure both new and existing Polys to available Wi-Fi networks, quickly enabling the device(s) for music playback. The wizard also facilitates direct Bluetooth set-up and playback and also offers step-by-step configuration using Hotspot Mode.”

    Android users can now join their Apple brethren in binning the pin that, until today, was required to cycle the Poly through its operational modes.

    That’s Poly progress.

    Further information: Chord Electronics

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