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OnSight: a video view of Voxativ loudspeakers

  • ‘Made in Berlin’. Voxativ’s latest marketing slogan is as true as it is obvious. The loudspeaker company’s headquarters sit just south of Tempelhofer Feld, a former Berlin airport turned public park and a literal stone’s throw from neighbouring HEDD Audio.

    A visit to the Voxativ factory tells us that there is far more to this piano black loudspeaker company than first meets the eye.

    Voxatix has a formidable reputation for making high-resolution, high-end passive loudspeakers. But those single drivers don’t come from Lowther; they are designed and made in-house from paper and wood by founder Holger Adler.

    And those drivers aren’t all controlled by the permanent magnets now commonplace in modern-day loudspeakers. Some are field coil drivers — a loudspeaker technology that predates permanent magnets where an electrical charge is used to generate a magnetic field.

    Take the Voxativ factory tour here:

    And for next year’s Munich High-End event, Adler says we’ll see Voxativ offer a multi-way statement loudspeaker whose drivers may not all play from paper and wood.

    Further information: Voxativ

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