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Bowers & Wilkins regenerate 600 Series

  • British loudspeaker company Bowers & Wilkins have today announced the sixth generation of their 600 Series. This entry-level loudspeaker range first came to market in 1995 and comprises four loudspeaker models – one floorstander, two standmounts and a centre channel – to talk to stereo and home theatre enthusiasts alike.

    From the press release: “The new 600 Series is the most affordable range to incorporate the remarkable Continuum™ Cone midrange driver, developed and exclusively manufactured by Bowers & Wilkins to improve upon the transparency and accuracy of the iconic yellow Kevlar cone, first used by John Bowers and his team in the early 1970’s.” 

    That Continuum Cone midrange driver shows up in every model of the 6th Gen 600 Series, as does Bowers & Wilkins’ Decoupled Double Dome Tweeter technology “for even clearer and more accurate high-frequency performance”.

    In the 603, the largest of the new range, one instance each of the aforementioned driver technologies is augmented by a pair of paper cone bass drivers for a 3-way floorstander.

    The 606 puts a 6.5″ Continuum Cone mid/bass driver and Decoupled Double Dome Tweeter together for a 2-way standmount, whilst the 607 dials down the 606’s mid/bass driver size to 5″ for a more compact 2-way standmount.

    The HMT6 then doubles the 607’s 5″ mid/bass driver count for a centre channel.

    Offering low-end support are three subwoofers: the ASW610XP, the ASW610 and the ASW608, each arriving in satin white or matte black to visually correspond with the rest of the new 600 range.

    (Euro and US) Pricing is TBC.

    Further information: Bowers & Wilkins

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