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‘Strayaaa: SGR CX4F MKII @ Munich High-End 2018

  • A 4-way active loudspeaker with boundary compensation and parametric EQ, but without Class D amplification and DSP, is the latest proposition from Melbourne’s SGR Audio.

    Everything in the CX4F MKII floorstander is executed in the analogue domain – crossover included – with driver go juice squeezed from a quad of Class A/B amplifiers for the “world’s first current-drive loudspeaker system”. The tweeter is a 3cm textile dome. Beneath it, a 5cm textile dome for midrange delivery. Below that, we see a 16.5cm paper mid/bass driver augmented by four 16.5cm paper “long-throw subwoofer” drivers.

    From the floor of the MOC in Munich, SGR’s Matthew Sweet – not that Matthew Sweet – handles introductions:

    Further information: SGR Audio

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