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Innuos introduce ZEN MK3 music servers

  • Portugal’s Innuos continue their push for the broader appeal of dedicated low noise digital audio supply with a smart and professional approach to audio show presentations that don’t bewilder curious newcomers with endless tech talk – it’s there if you want it but only after CD-ripping and a user-friendly OS have made first contact.

    Sporting fully-branded attire at Munich High-End 2018, the highly personable Innuos team walked visitors through their disarmingly simple range of MK3 servers with the recently announced Statement model enjoying very favourable A/B comparisons with the ZENith MKII SE in the adjacent prefab listening room. A simple USB cable connection swap showed the Statement’s audible superiority through a pair of BXT-loaded Kii Three. A terrific example of how not all show-based listening is futile or – worse – play-acted.

    Back out in the hall, we note the MK3 ZENith sports a custom motherboard and triple linear power supply; the MK3 ZEN a custom motherboard and dual linear power supply; the MK3 ZEN Mini now offers S/PDIF outputs and optional outboard linear power supply for when the upgrade itch needs a-scratchin’.

    In this video, Innuos’ R&D Director Nuno Vitorino goes longer on each MK3 model’s specifics:

    Further information: Innuos

    Written by John Darko

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