OPPO Digital throw in the towel

  • Last month, John Grandberg reviewed the Modwright-modded UDP-205 from OPPO Digital – a souped-up version of the latest flagship player from one of the audiophile world’s most respected brands. OPPO Digital is often top of the list when seeking a DAC, a network streamer and an optical disc spinner in a single unit (at any price).

    But no more – after fourteen years of Californian R&D married to Chinese manufacturing, OPPO Digital is throwing in the towel. A statement from the company’s Australian distributor (Interdyn) explains that production of all universal disc players, portable audio gear and headphones will soon come to a halt.

    “Though OPPO Digital will gradually stop manufacturing new products, existing products will continue to be supported, warranties will still be valid, and both in-warranty and out-of-warranty repair services will continue to be available. Firmware will continue to be maintained and updates released from time to time. Customers can rest assured that they will continue to receive the high-quality service and support that they have come to expect from OPPO Digital.”


    In recent years, OPPO Digital branched out into a range of planar magnetic headphones, a portable DAC/headphone amplifier, a desktop DAC/streamer and Sonos-challenging network loudspeakers. In 2015 I visited OPPO Digital’s Zhuhai factory ahead of reviewing the company’s previous flagship player, the BDP-105D, and their eminently likeable PM-3 planar magnetic headphones.

    Like the Logitech Squeezebox – a product also retired before its time – OPPO Digital’s range of optical disc players will likely attract ‘strong’ pricing on the used market as new stock begins to dry up. If you’re eyeing a UDP-203 or UDP-205, act now, not later.

    Further information: OPPO Digital

    Note: OPPO and OPPO Digital are separate companies. OPPO smartphone production remains unaffected.

    Written by John

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