Darko.Audio Podcast #4 – Recommended DACs <$2500

  • The Darko.Audio podcast is primarily intended to provoke thought among listeners. But gently. Carefully. With consideration.

    “I think listeners see right through presenters who try to jazz up their talk with hollow words such as amped, pumped and psyched. My genuine enthusiasm for – and criticism of – music and playback hardware comes from both a broad industry overview and quiet consideration of the specifics that I see and hear. I hope our podcast reflects a more sober take on what’s good”, says John Darko.

    We record on a Sunday; afternoon for John, morning for me. Nothing is pre-scripted. The production seeks to amplify the relaxed weekend vibe. It’s for people who can handle nothing more than NPR or BBC Radio 4 on their way to work. Or for those who like to listen late at night behind headphones. Or those who can do without fake excitement. We’re just two guys chatting about audio.

    In episode #4, we move away from the philosophical issues that dominated the first three casts. In the wake of the Schiit Yggdrasil Analog 2 review, we tackle a more basic question: what are John’s favourite DACs below $2500? In the second half, the conversation turns to network servers and streamers.

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    Brands featured in this episode: Schiit Audio | Chord Electronics | Mytek Digital | Audio-gd | AudioQuest | SonoreInnuos | Allo Digital | Antipodes Audio

    Written by Darren Henley

    Darren is a music lover, gearhead and enjoys talking about music and gear at He does other things too. He lives in the desert with his wife and dog.

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