Introducing the Darko.Audio podcast…

  • Welcome to the first Darko.Audio podcast in which John Darko and I chat about audiophile matters that occasionally bleed into the mainstream. It’s a podcast for audiophiles who like to think.

    In Episode #1 we talk about how Bluetooth can be used to improve TV sound, I enthuse about a documentary called the ‘Art of Listening’ and John explains why he thinks FLAC streaming for everyone isn’t yet possible.

    Are music streaming services priced too low? John thinks so. We also discuss why audiophiles need to get over their faux-embarrassment (at being audiophiles) and I talk about a piece of audio gear I’d replace in a heartbeat were I to break or lose it.

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    …or click through to Soundcloud to access a download link for offline playback. Soundcloud apps are also available for Android and iOS.

    If you have a topic you’d like to see us discuss in a future episode, send John an email via his contact page.

    Further information: Darko.Audio on Soundcloud

    Written by Darren Henley

    Darren is a music lover, gearhead and enjoys talking about music and gear at He does other things too. He lives in the desert with his wife and dog.

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