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Aqua Hifi ready La Voce S3 Discrete DAC

  • Two years ago we reviewed and DAR-KO awarded the La Voce S2 from Milan’s Aqua Hifi: a modular D/A converter that wrapped AES/EBU, BNC, I2S and XMOS USB inputs, and discrete, filterless (balanced) output staging around a pair of (TI/Burr Brown) R-2R PCM-1704K running in dual mono configuration.

    This week, Aqua’s lead designer/engineer Cristian Anelli makes good on the promise of the La Voce’s modularity with the announcement of an S3 board structure swaps out the PCM1704 silicon for in-house designed Discrete R-2R boards, similar to those found in the flagship Formula xHD (€13,670) and tubed-up La Scala Optologic (€6780).

    Consequently, a SPARTAN-6 FPGA chip will handle data reception and housekeeping with changes also made to the USB board – now DSD128- and 384kHz PCM-capable – as well as the I2S board and mainboard.

    The La Voce S3 can be purchased as a new unit for €3760. Factory-fitted upgrades to existing S2 units will be charged out at €1460. Contact Aqua or your local distributor for details.

    Further information: Aqua Hifi

    John H. Darko

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