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Mytek’s Brooklyn DAC+: host with most offers more

  • Let’s cut to the chase: listening to both models side by side over a number of weeks, the Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ (US$2195, preview here) sounds slightly better than the standard Brooklyn DAC (US$1995, review here): slightly better image focus, slightly better stage depth, a little more punch (especially from its headphone output/s). The new model comfortably earns the US$200 price jump on the original.

    This video details the new model’s improvements, all of which are internal:

    For those still deciding, go for the Plus but existing Brooklyn DAC owners are advised to stick with what they have. The new model’s audible betterment of the original probably isn’t worth the used market haircut. On functionality, the Brooklyn DAC+’s ESS 9028PRO chip brings only a few additional digital filters to the party – and that’s yer lot.

    Worth keeping in mind the new version doesn’t turn the original into a dud overnight. It remains a terrific DAC – one of the best available at US$2000. If not owning Mytek’s best Brooklyn still makes you feel uncomfortable then maybe your spare cash is better spent on a little self-help literature.

    Let’s be crystal clear: Both Brooklyn DACs offer knockout value for money. No other unit this size (and known to this reviewer) offers such an extensive feature set – (MQA) DAC, phono stage, headphone amplifier and preamplifier – and sells for so little and sounds so darn resolving.

    Like its forerunner, the Brooklyn DAC+ is a joiner of worlds. A single box that does the job of many, serving as a lynchpin in an audio system that invites streaming, vinyl playback, headphones and loudspeaker listening.

    Another bonus: only a single audiophile power cable is required and SBooster’s external power supply is waiting for you when you’re ready to take the Brooklyn DAC/+’s sound quality up a (further) notch.

    The Plus-specc’d Mytek shoebox started out on my desk as a DAC/headphone amplifier. A few days later, I directly connected its balanced outputs to a pair of Genelec 8341 ‘The Ones’ active loudspeakers (US$6000/pair, review here) with a 6m run of AudioQuest Water wire, XLR terminated, before introducing the PS Audio BHK Signature pre-amplifier (US$5999) as a middleman. On the other side of of the Brooklyn DAC+, an Innuos ZENith SE server (€5999+, review here) was hooked in via USB with a Tellurium Q Silver Diamond USB cable (£888, review here).

    This video dives deeper into that scenario:

    Further information: Mytek Digital

    Written by John

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