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Lumin announces D2 streamer, adds Spotify Connect

  • Lumin have announced a “modest update” to their D/A converting D1 network streamer. From within a slightly enlarged case, the D2 carries over its predecessor’s balanced circuitry, DSD up-sampling, DoP (DSD over PCM) support and Wolfson WM8741 DAC chips but internalises the power supply and adds a faster processor to permit playback of DSD128.

    On the software side, the D2 offers full MQA decoding and rendering from its balanced and single-ended outputs.

    The D2’s digital BNC output is user configurable: it either 1) passes an untouched MQA stream on to the external DAC or 2) executes the first unfold to 88.2kHz or 96kHz for output to an MQA renderer or non-MQA DAC.

    Roon Ready support presents for those who wish to bypass Lumin’s self-titled iOS/Android control apps.

    So far, so die-hard audiophile.

    Roon straddles the old world (downloads) and the new (streaming) but it’s tethered only to Tidal’s horse. Broadening the D2’s appeal to new world music lovers is Lumin’s recent addition of Spotify Connect to the D2 (via firmware update). Fire up the Spotify app and the D2 will automatically appear as an output device.

    Reckon that audiophiles don’t listen to lossy sources like Spotify’s (at best) 320kbps Ogg Vorbis streams? These poll results tell us otherwise.

    Just as KEF have done with their LS50 Wireless loudspeakers – which as of yesterday support Roon as well as Spotify Connect – Lumin are taking the pragmatic approach to streaming by adding support for a broad range of services and control apps. Well played.

    The D2 comes with an RRP of US$2199.

    Further information: Lumin

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