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Letters to the editor: ECM catalogue comes to streaming services

  • Phil W. writes:

    “A quick heads up – the title says it all. Not necessarily your type of music but for those into ECM‘s tastes its a significant move (far more important than the Beatles streaming as far as I’m concerned). And ECM are possibly the last major label to hold off from streaming. Might be worth a quick article. Oh and a lot are in MQA.”

    From Wikipedia: “ECM is an independent record label founded by Manfred Eicher in Munich in 1969. While ECM is best known for jazz music, the label has released a variety of recordings, and ECM’s artists often refuse to acknowledge boundaries between genres.”

    Phil continues: “N.B. Some are appearing in Roon now but not many, so they’ve probably got a bit of work to do. Should come soon though.”

    From Friday, that work will officially be marked ‘complete’. ECM have formally announced the availability of their entire catalogue on Tidal, but also Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Qobuz and all other major streaming services.

    ECM has long held out on allowing its music to be streamed via the the internet but cites the pressure of unauthorised uploads to You Tube and bootlegs as the main reason behind the change of heart.

    ECM’s November 14th press release reads as follows:

    “Over the past week we have begun the process of entering the world of streaming, and from November 17th, the full ECM catalogue will be available to subscribers to services including Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and Qobuz. This simultaneous launch across the platforms – facilitated by a new digital distribution agreement with Universal Music – invites listeners to explore the wide range of music recorded by our artists in the course of nearly five decades of independent production.

    “Although ECM’s preferred mediums remain the CD and LP, the first priority is that the music should be heard. The physical catalogue and the original authorship are the crucial references for us: the complete ECM album with its artistic signature, best possible sound quality, sequence and dramaturgy intact, telling its story from beginning to end. In recent years,

    “ECM and the musicians have had to face unauthorized streaming of recordings via video sharing sites, plus piracy, bootlegs, and a proliferation of illegal download sites. It was important to make the catalogue accessible within a framework where copyrights are respected – ECM Press Office Munich, November 14, 2017″

    Further information: ECM

    Written by John

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