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A plus from Poland: Mytek announce Brooklyn DAC+

  • There are many reasons to dig Mytek’s Brooklyn DAC (US$1995): a full suite of digital inputs including USB support for 32bit/384kHz and DSD256; Apple remote-controllable volume (analogue and digital); a full colour display with dancing signal level meters; balanced and single-ended outputs; a single-ended input doubles as (a very decent) MM/MC phono; a killer headphone amplifier whose 6.4mm socket duo can be paired for balanced mode operation; bypassable internal power supply (as demonstrated by SBooster at CanJam Europe 2017). Designed in the USA at Mytek’s Brooklyn HQ but made in Poland.

    Refresh your memory with DAR’s 2016 review here.

    However, one could also that argue that being first to market with a DAC that satisfied seriously thirsty early MQA adopters played a big part in Mytek shifting Brooklyn units in their thousands. I used the Brooklyn DAC for my first home-based MQA listening tests. Refresh your memory here.

    Not content to sit back and let the good times continue rolling, Mytek have announced a Brooklyn DAC refresh.

    For two hundred bucks more than its predecessor, the Brooklyn DAC+ (US$2195) promises revised analogue and power supply circuitry, an upgraded headphone amplifier section and a new “very transparent” analogue volume control circuit.

    More likely to catch the attention of the early adopter crowd is the inclusion of ESS’ Sabre9028PRO DAC chipset that not only promises “improved sound quality” and “better L/R separation” but a significant increase in filter options, where three becomes seven:

    FRMP-fast roll-off, minimum phase filter
    SRMP-slow roll-off, minimum phase filter
    FRLP-fast roll-off, linear phase filter
    SRLP-slow roll-off, linear phase filter
    APDZ-apodizing, fast roll-off. linear phase filter
    HBRD-hybrid, fast roll-off, minimum phase filter
    BRCK-brickwall filter

    Tweakers rejoice (but beware the paradox of choice).

    More interesting for this commentator is the Brooklyn DAC+’s small footprint and its potential for direct pairing with the identically-sized Brooklyn amp (US$1995) – that we first caught at Munich High-End 2017 – for a stylish but discrete loudspeaker system. Class D, 300wpc, bridgeable into mono for more. Made in the USA.

    From the presser:

    Mytek’s engineering team have used their extensive DSD experience to get the Brooklyn AMP dual mono Class-D circuit design sounding better than other comparable Class-D designs to date. The Brooklyn AMP is compact, yet delivers deep and powerful tight bass, natural mids and silky, smooth highs.” — cliché-ridden, sure, but not beyond the realms of possibility. 

    Both units share the same sculpted faceplate, both units are available in silver or black and both units are shipping now. Buy ’em together and save US$200.

    Further information: Mytek Digital

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