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Music/response: Steffi Fabric 94, Dollydeluxe 1 – 4

  • In hindsight, it was obvious right from the first click of play: the Apollo 11 astronaut communications that emerges from the ambient washes of Fabric 94‘s opening track are wholly reminiscent of the “Astronauts report: it feels good” sample made famous by the likes of The Orb and Banco De Gaia.

    Listen to Fabric 94 once and we might remark that it’s a DJ mix for the lounge room, not the dance floor. We note over an hour of vocal free electronica (that at various points in the past twenty five years has also been called IDM and ambient techno), seamlessly mixed by Panorama Bar resident DJ Steffi.

    Listen to Fabric 94 a second time and it’s likely that the polyrhythmic nature of at least half of its fifteen cuts will work their way to the surface. Give it a third run and its numerous cool, minor-chord-dominant melodies will work their way under your skin. Undoubtedly, this is an album that rewards repeated listens.

    Steffi’s choices aren’t as robust as those found on, say, Scuba’s Fabric 90 or as endlessly restless as those stitched together by Nina Kraviz for Fabric 91.

    However, to say that Steffi has mixed this latest instalment in Fabric’s DJ mix series is to underplay her role as album curator. The tracks found here weren’t pulled together, mixed and then licensed by the label. According to the Fabric website“Steffi has chosen to commission all the tracks exclusively for fabric 94. The curated group of close friends and collaborators were guided to produce tracks “with a certain mindset” which Steffi then moulded and wove together.”

    Here’s the compete tracklisting:

    01. L.u.c.a. – Echo 1
    02. Voiski – Sound Of Distance
    03. STFSHD – 1.5
    04. Unbalance – Freedom
    05. Doms & Deykers – No Life On The Surface
    06. Answer Code Request – Forking Path
    07. Dexter – 66
    08. 214 – Sound Moments
    09. Mesak – Commonaukko
    10. Duplex – Voidfiller
    11. Late Night Approach – Poison Valley
    12. UAS – World Gets Crazy
    13. Afik Naim – Saturniidae
    14. Dexter & Virginia – Off The Beat
    15. Privacy – Broke


    Steffi also runs the Dolly label and has released these same tracks plus two bonus buts, unmixed, across four pieces of vinyl, as Dollydeluxe 1 – 4. More details here.

    Listening to all four companion EPs as a single album (Tidal here, Spotify here) is, for this ambient techno / IDM / electronica fan, an even more enjoyable listening experience. Each track cut from its DJ mix context, we get to hear it build and fall away again. The sound layering is more readily discerned, especially when heard via a nice pair of headphones or a half-decent pair of loudspeakers.

    In Doms & Deykers “No Life On The Surface” we hear the ghost of mid-90s Autechre. So too in 214’s “Sound Moments”. Elsewhere, Mesak’s “Commonaukko” channels Electro Soma-era B12 and Voiski’s “Sound of Distance” wouldn’t have sounded too out of place on Speedy J’s Ginger. And if you’d told me Late Night Approach’s “Poison Valley” was a long lost Plaid cut recorded under a pseudonym, I wouldn’t disbelieve you.

    In other words, in this Dollydeluxe collection we hear, in part, Warp’s Artificial Intelligence series reinvented for the 21st Century. Fabric 94? More like Fabric 1994. Seriously heady stuff.

    John Darko

    Written by John Darko

    John currently lives in Berlin where creates videos and podcasts and pens written pieces for Darko.Audio. He has also contributed to 6moons, TONEAudio, AudioStream and Stereophile.

    Darko.Audio is a member of EISA.

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    1. Well it’s not quite Bach. But old dog, new tricks as they say, so here we go………..

    2. Like the you tube clip very much. Makes me want to hear more. Will also forward this page on to my friend James (bass player for Banco de Gaia) – think he’ll enjoy it.

      • Ah nice – I’ve covered Banco De Gaia quite a few times in these pages.

    3. Thank you for the playlists, the songs and LPs,
      Thanks for all the joys they’re bringing

    4. Fabricfirst member here, so I got to hear this early (in mp3 first, since the CD took a while to get to my part or the world) and loved it. Wish Fabric brought in more Electro-centric selectors. They’ve been on a bit of a roll with their mixes lately, with both Nina Kraviz’s and Call Super’s offerings also being quality.

    5. I was in once you mentioned the Apollo 11 sample reminiscent of The Orb’s ‘Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld’. Looks like your review has enticed some non-electronic listening music lovers to try electronic sounds.

    6. Outstanding selection John! Picked this up off of BoomKat recently. I really enjoy the Fabrik releases
      overall. Steffi is fantastic. Her “Power of Anonymity” (2014) and “Panorama Bar 5” (2103) are also excellent for those of you inclined toward House.

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