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Mytek Digital talk Brooklyn Amp, Clef MQA/Bluetooth DAC

  • Clean&direct. That’s how we might best describe the personality of the Mytek Brooklyn DAC (reviewed here). You don’t buy the Brooklyn because of its full MQA support but in spite of it: a powerful headphone amplifier; a decent-sounding MM phono stage; an analogue volume control; a compact chassis.

    At Munich High-End 2017, Mytek Digital launched the Brooklyn amplifier — and clean&direct is how we might describe Chebon Littlefield’s product introduction:

    I’ll do likewise: balanced and single ended inputs, dual mono circuit, Class D output, 250wpc into 8 Ohms, 300wpc into 4 Ohms, 400wpc into 2 Ohms, damping factor > 400, THD 0.01% “in normal use”. Shipping July. Same half-width compact chassis as the Brooklyn DAC. Same textured faceplate as the Brooklyn DAC. Echoes of Chord Electronics’ Hugo TT and TToby. Price US$1995. Review unit requested.

    Littlefield also rattled through the details of Mytek’s (delayed) portable DAC/headphone amplifier, the Clef, first announced at CES 2017:

    US$299 nets an (admittedly) odd-looking unit with belt clip. Bluetooth (aptX and AAC) for up to 8 hours on-the-road usage and MQA/DSD once USB hook-up becomes do-able. Available from October. Review unit requested.

    Futher information: Mytek Digital

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    1. Looking forward to both reviews, John. Now that you’re in Berlin, review units should be easier to get hold of, Ja?

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