Munich High-End 2017 starts today

  • Munich High-End is the biggest and best event on the audio show calendar. To the M.O.C. last year, came 518 exhibitors from 42 countries and 19,489 attendees. You can find DAR’s 2016 coverage here, 2015 here and 2014 here. Readers’ attention is drawn to how bright and airy the host venue and how more stylishly dressed its attendees are compared to US shows.

    Attending Munich High-End events in previous years meant 20 hours on a plane from Australia and a 9-hour time difference, the latter causing the underwater feeling of jet lag to encroach upon this reviewer’s mental acuity for the duration of the show.

    This year it’s different: living in Berlin called for a 7-hour train ride with no border crossings and no time zone changes. Consequently, I’m ready to tackle all that’s new and exciting in hifi in 2017, as showcased at Munich High-End.

    Today, Thursday, is ‘press day’ with Friday, Saturday and Sunday open to the general public. Expect to see the usual mix of words, pictures and video when DAR show coverage begins to spill.

    Hit us up in the comments section with anything you’d like to see covered.

    Further information: High End Society

    John Darko

    Written by John Darko

    John currently lives in Berlin where creates videos and podcasts and pens written pieces for Darko.Audio. He has also contributed to 6moons, TONEAudio, AudioStream and Stereophile.

    Darko.Audio is a member of EISA.

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    1. Hi John – I would like to see coverage of any audio streaming improvements such as:

      Server less streaming updates – ie non PC based
      Audio over IP AES67, Ravenna, Dante streaming protocols and dacs native ethernet. (getting rid of USB)
      Class D amp progress

      Have a fun show!

    2. Are the bigger brands catching up? So Sony does a nice pair of bluetooth headphones and Onkyo/Pioneer duell with Astell and Kern on portable players. But do big R&D budgets leave us with other notable options? Both answers would be interesting:
      A) Yes, the specialist/high end manufacturers have an interesting field of competition
      B) No, ignore the maistream brands.

      Including Marantz, Denon, and the like?

      Would like to be hearing from you.

    3. John,
      Munich High End will be a much more pleasant experience without the mental fug of jet lag, so enjoy the show and please report on the Innuos ZENith SE (Special Edition) as it uses boutique parts and is projected to cost £4300-£4600.
      Munichly thanks,

    4. Hi John,

      I see that SGR audio (an Australian speaker manufacturer) have announced a new range of speakers at MHE this year. I’ve always heard exceptionally good things about their existing range and would be interested in your opinion of their new line-up.

      Have a great time at MHE. Looking forward to all your coverage.


    5. You probably know more than I about the pre-show rumours, but…
      Please take a look at dCS (Roon, MQA) and Weiss and Merging ZMan!
      In Atrium 4, I believe the intriguing CAD GC3 is in Room 215 and Auralic G series in E211.
      No rumours of interesting cheap stuff?
      Looking forward to your clear-headed coverage!
      Kind regards

    6. Is Andrew Jones with the ELAC ADANTE getting anywhere close to the sound of the TAD?

    7. Hi John,

      Would be cool to get your thoughts on the new Seokris R2R dacs as well as the refreshed Aurelic lineup.



    8. New Harbeth model due to be launched if you have time to have a look……………thks

    9. I have seen reported that Ayre have something exciting coming. Hopefully a cheaper version of the QX Twenty.

    10. Spatial Audio X1 Loudspeakers – brand new, take the room out of the mix and with it the high cost of elaborate enclosues.

      Kii Three – new digital volume remote and monitors still not heavily reviewed in the audiophile world (several recent reviews in the pro audio world)

    11. Hi John,

      It will be great if you can cover the following manufacturers and describe how they sound:

      Musikelectronic Geithain – RL921K Active loudspeakers – Halle 3 N07
      Living Voice (Bemax Audio UG ) – OBX-RW3 loudspeakers – A4.2 E220
      Wiener Lautsprecher Manufaktur – Diva and Sissi (Active) loudspeakers – A4.2 F220
      Backes Und Muller Active loudspeakers


    12. Hi John

      I’d be most interested in your thoughts on the new Spatial X1 Uniwave speakers – big brother to the M4’s. Location: Halle 4 W12? Thanks

    13. It’s my understanding that Michael Fremer is also there covering the show. If you guys bump into each other please play nice.

        • It tickles me pink that two of my favorite reviewers, on opposite ends of the spectrum no less, can be friends. Perhaps it portends a reconciliation between republicans and democrats here in the U.S.

    14. Just read about the totalDac hornspeakers.

      The name suggests, that this speaker could be driven directly from the DACs analog output, but I guess I am wrong…would be very cool to see a concept like this.

      Well maybe I will have to send John a review pair of my soon to be finished Mojo Horn Monitor, which will be driven by Mojo, without additional amp.
      Doesn’t that sound like Future Fi?


    15. It is suggested Room would come up with entities, sort of plug ins and a very interesting new product ( source:a Dutch audio site). Would be nice to hear more about that. And of course the Kii three speakers

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