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Dynaudio ready Special Forty standmount loudspeakers

  • With forty years clocked up in the loudspeaker business, Dynaudio were at Munich High-End 2017 to launch a fortieth anniversary model: a standmount called The Special Forty. It does what it says on the tin.

    The Special Forty’s 3cm tweeter, exclusive to this model, is a fresh take on their Esotar design and the all-new 17cm mid/bass driver is claimed by the Danish company to be one of their finest to date. Both are made in house at Dynaudio’s Skanderborg facility and are stitched together by a first-order crossover.

    Here’s Dynaudio’s Roland Hoffman with more technical info:

    Those unmoved by aesthetics will likely see just another Dynaudio standmount. Not that that is a bad thing. However, those who subscribe to the “looks matter” point of view will see high gloss pieces of audio furniture. As a friend once said, “It’s fun to look at nice things”. It’s also nice to listen to them.

    At €3000/pair we get a choice of Grey Birch and Red Birch finishes. Guess which one I prefer?

    Further information: Dynaudio

    John Darko

    Written by John Darko

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    1. Dynaudio is a leading innovator who knows exactly to develop something new in a price range where they are able to sell probably many speakers. Looking forward to your review John – a serious contender for a knock-out award..?

    2. The problem I see with the special forty is that, different to the special 25 with its esotar2 tweeter, the special 40 will be placed somewhere below the new contour standmounters….
      I always have a problem with “specially new designed” because it often means “quality cuts to lower the price”.
      So I´ll be really looking forward to a review, cause I´m looking for something nice to replace my Sa2k….
      And….if me being wrong with placing the special 40 below the contour 20, please correct me….

    3. Michael,

      The way I look at this is that Dynaudio made a different sounding speaker rather than one that fits between certain ranges. Even though they’re cheaper, I’m interested to hear how they stack up against my C1’s. They might not be ‘better’ but they could be ‘more fun’.

    4. As Dieter the host from German TV show Sprockets might say: ”These square boxes are tiresome and are beginning to bore me”

    5. the Special 25 was nothing special at all………..Dynaudio makes good drivers, but other companies using their drivers make far far better speakers……….

    6. These are priced in the same range as the Elac Adantes. I wonder if they can be compared.

    7. These would be a fine replacement for my much loved Dynaudio 1.3se’s. Can’t justify parting with them, when they still sounds so good. I dig the red though!

    8. Where do sit in the range? Contour 20? One of the selling points of the new 20 was the esotar 2 tweeter, now it’s already improved? Nice match with the NAD master series?

    9. approx 3000$ for a simple two way speaker in a simple cabinet is too much IMO. The woofer looks like the simple mineral filled poly cone drivers that are all over the place now. I wonder what kind of bracing they have in therefor 3000$?

    10. Dynaudio makes excellent speakers and this Special 40 might be very special indeed.
      Yeah it’s not a sexy looking design but if it sounds exceptional I’m fine with that.
      We won’t know until they are available so time will tell. There are many more mini monitors costing more than $3,000 so these may actually be a bargain.
      If your budget suggest otherwise of course YMMV.

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