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Astell&Kern talk A&Ultima SP1000, modularity, MQA

  • A&Ultima SP1000 is the new flagship player from Astell&Kern: Asahi Kasei AK4497EQ chipset; one DAC per channel for “wider soundstage and better stereo separation”; Octa-Core CPU for faster boot time, more responsive GUI (redesigned and now running on a 5″ ‘HD’ screen); greater output power; lower distortion; USB C connector for faster file transfer; 12 hour battery life. Stainless steel model (US$3499) available mid June. Copper version to come in July.

    That’s the news but what’s the story?

    As evidenced by their spaceship-like booth at Munich High-End 2017 – and every year larger than any other DAP manufacturer – Astell&Kern are leaders in their field: digital audio players. Like the KANN before it, the SP1000 reflects Astell&Kern’s greater responsiveness to community feedback. The people want less lag from their DAP’s GUI and more output power from its headphone socket.

    Here we see the camera-shy Owen Kwon talk us through the SP1000’s basics:

    Note: Kwon confirms that MQA support is “a matter of time” but, more interestingly, that Astell&Kern will open up the SP1000’s modular platform so that third party manufacturers may bring clip-on modules to market. For example, juicier external amplifiers or ADC/field recorders.

    Further information: Astell&Kern

    John H. Darko

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    1. Did you get a chance to have a listen? I’d like to get your impressions.It sure is pretty but it is huge compared to the AK240, I guess they have so much more to squeeze into the form factor.

      I’m a huge fan of Astell & Kern, I’ve owned three of the devices AK100MK2, AK120 and AK240.

      I use the AK240 on a daily basis and I’d love to get the SP1000, however I find it to be cost prohibitive and it has now driven the value of the the AK240 further down the secondary market. I’m not sure if I could be tempted to get the AK380.

      I suffer from FOMO when it comes to new shiny devices, I guess I’ll have to dream about owning one of these.

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