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Wyred 4 Sound tease PS-1 modular linear PSU, streamer at RMAF 2016

  • It’s the little things that count. In digital audio, we might take Wyred 4 Sound’s Remedy to crack a S/PDIF stream into line or apply their Recovery to re-clock the USB output of a PC or Mac. Taking these widgets themselves to the next level usually means ditching their switch-mode wall-wart in favour of a linear supply. For Recovery and Remedy, a pair of 9-Volters would be required.

    For chop-n-changers in the audio world, this presents a conundrum. Move to another third party re-clocker, streamer (or phono stage) operating on a different voltage and a fresh linear power supply is also required. AURALiC’s Aries Mini likes to see ~15V. iFi’s S/PDIF iPurifier sucks on a 5V pipe.

    Introduced at RMAF 2016, Wyred 4 Sound’s PS-1 is a modular, discrete, linear power supply that can juice up to four devices independently and simultaneously each with either a 5V, 9V, 12V and 15V feed. Current supply from the internal R-core transformer says hello at 1.2A per module. Talk about flexibility!

    Here we see company CEO and lead engineer EJ Sarmento introduce us to this rather natty new device:

    When it begins shipping in early December, the PS-1 will sell for US$499 and will land with a single module pre-installed. Additional modules are presently pegged at an introductory price: US$125/module.

    Sarmento is also working on a network streamer that will interface with his existing MS-1/MS-2 music servers, a direct-connected USB hard drive or serve as a Roon Ready endpoint. Target price = US$499.

    For the average manufacturer, two new products like this would be the main event for good while. For Wyred 4 Sound however, such innovative product line extension come on top of Sarmento’s ongoing commitments to his own Class D-leading ICEPower implementations, OEM contracts, a continuation of James Bongiorno’s Spread Spectrum Technologies and the development of an in-house cooked Class D module that will feature in the company’s forthcoming Statement amplifier.

    If there is a more talented, innovative young gun in audio land, I’ve not met him.

    Further information: Wyred 4 Sound



    John Darko

    Written by John Darko

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    1. $499 for a single module to power a device that sells for $399?

      The hi-fi industry lives in its own world sometime.

      BTW, I have a remedy, it’s an excellent reclocker and a bargain at the price.

      But I won’t be spending five hundred bucks on a power supply for it.

      • Perhaps Wyred 4 Sound should double the price of the Remedy to better balance the numbers. 😉

      • I guess it all depends on perspective.

        Many people might balk at the idea of spending $399 to reclock an already digital signal.

        I’ve heard the difference replacing a switched power supply with a linear power supply. However my linear power supply is relatively cheap and I can’t help to think, like everything in audio, whether there are better quality linear power supplies. It wouldn’t surprise my if W4S’s LPS is a quality implementation.

    2. So many servers/streamers/sources out now or coming that still don’t provide the same services as sonos, ie. Google play, deezer, etc. All seem to be limited to tidal and maybe have qobuz or Spotify.

    3. I replaced the PS from the Recovery with a LPS from Uptone Audio. The improvement is remarkable. Its not about the relative cost of either component but about can I afford the costs and if I can then do I want to live without the benefits. It is inconceivable to me to take the LPS our of my system. The Recovery was a notable benefit but the Recovery performs a lot better with the LPS. Simply stated it adds a little bit of the magic I am looking for.

      It also powers the Wyred MS1. The Recovery benefited more than the MS1.

      I dont know what the definition of a Hobby is but I think part of it is living in your own world. Being irrational goes hand in hand with the passion that makes a Hobby a persuit of happiness. To me Hi Fi is like golf, I have times of euphoria when it all comes together, but it never lasts because as much as I’ve improved I know there’s better out there if I just make a change.

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