Going off-grid with Vinnie Rossi at RMAF 2016

  • It’s appropriate that we wrap our RMAF 2016 coverage where we came in: with Vinnie Rossi and a widescreen Marriott Tech Center view of downtown Denver and the mountain range that lends its name to this consistently enjoyable audio event.

    By 5pm Sunday, Rossi looked tired but happy. “A great show!” he exhaled wearily.

    I’d spent time in the room an hour prior to close as Jason Victor-Serinus and Jana Dagdagan of Stereophile put the man from Massachusetts and his song library through its paces via the LIO amplifier, configured with DHT pre module, driving a pair of Harbeth SHL-5. Meaty!

    The backstory: it’s been two years since Rossi introduced us to his new eponymous brand and LIO concept in New York: a modular amplifier that could be configured according to user requirements and upgraded as new modules become available.

    The LIO’s secondary kick inside was its ultracapacitor ‘PURE-DC-4EVR’ power supply. Wave farewell to fancy power cords as we take our listening off-grid. Prior to LIO, Rossi sold LI-ON battery-powered products under the Red Wine Audio banner.

    At RMAF 2016, Rossi showed us a new breakaway product: a ‘Mini’ PURE-DC-4EVR standalone ultracapacitor DC power supply for streamers, turntable motors and (some) DACs and phono stages. The user specifies the required voltage (anywhere from 3 – 12V) and Rossi configures the output at the factory accordingly. Current supply is rated at 2.5A continuous, 5A peak.

    At the show, Rossi used a pair of prototype Ultracap bricks to juice a CD transport and a Sonore microRendu. Shipping proper begins in November. Pre-order at US$795 or shilly shally and pay US$995. Expect to see a larger, modular PURE-DC-4EVR power supply in 2017 with price TBC.

    ‘Onya Vinnie.

    Further information: Vinnie Rossi


    Written by John

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