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Getting square with Crystal Cables at RMAF 2016

  • Primed for the space-limited or space-conscious high-end player, The Netherlands’ Crystal Cable have moved the funky design aesthetic of their Arabesque loudspeaker series – pictured here in orange – over to their all-new integrated amplifier.

    The Crystal Cable Integrated (CCI) is an all-in-one cuboid that pays strict attention to the cooling of its Class A/B output (heavy A bias, 200wpc into 8 Ohms) with the application of of side-mounted fins and an unobstructed top plate. This is a fan-free zone.

    The company website’s promo prose reads as follows:

    “The compact, cuboid chassis of the CCI (Crystal Cable Integrated) amplifier delivers both space and thermal efficiency. It allows us to use an optically decoupled, standing bias, Class AB output topology derived directly from the state-of-the-art Siltech SAGA’s revolutionary Light Drive output stage. Despite its substantial 100 Watt/channel rating, its clever cooling design and extensive protection means that the Cube chassis can be placed almost anywhere – in a cupboard, on a bookshelf, even with books on either side…”

    “The fully balanced line-stage offers six inputs, each with individual gain settings, while software controlled relays totally isolate unused source components for optimum sound quality. Each stage of the amplifier, as well as the control circuitry, has its own independent, dedicated power supply. These are sophisticated Power Factor Corrected switch-mode designs, totally enclosed and heavily shielded.”

    From comfort of the Denver Tech Center Marriott hotel, Crystal’s Stateside walks and talk us through the limited gold edition (Russia and China only) before confirming that only the black version will be brought into the USA. Such space squeezing doesn’t come cheap. US$16,995.

    Despite the tall asking price sitting beyond this website’s usual beat, it’s included here because the CCI sits a world apart from the usual integrated amplifier form factor. The package also includes a natty remote control.

    Further information: Crystal Cables


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