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SOtM prep sMS-200: LMS/MPD server, Roon Ready player

  • munich_2016Eunhasu is the Korean word for Milky Way (or Galaxy). It’s also the name given by South Korean digital audio company SOtM to the in-house coded, web server daemon that runs on the ARM board found inside their all new sMS-200 server/player.

    The control panel’s colourful config screen, accessible via IP address, puts the small hardware brick in one of three operational modes: MPD/DLNA and Logitech Media Server, both of which will index and playback music files located on any USB hard drive attached to its rear, or Roon Ready where it serves as a network player only. Notable by its absence is HQPlayer NAA.

    SOtM’s marketing manager May Park is 100% down with photos but only wished her voice to feature in this introductory video:

    Expected to begin shipping within the next few weeks, the sMS-200 will sell for roughly the same price as its predecessor – the sMS-100. That means a ballpark figure of US$450.

    The Roon Ready sMS-200 is not to be confused with Roon Core that runs in tandem with AudiophileOptimizer on the SOtM sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition, all of which is powered by an Atom CPU, an unspecified amount of RAM and Windows Server 2012 R2. Pricing starts at US$3500 and heads north depending on the internal drive’s capacity: 4TB maximum for HDD or 2TB maximum for SSD.

    Further information: SOtM





    DAR 750 x 290

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