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Munich High-End 2016: sights, sounds and statistics

  • Yup, that’s me (above) marching through one of the M.O.C’s Atriums at Munich High-End 2016, unwittingly snapped by an official event photographer.

    Thursday was press and trade only (as usual). The busiest of the show’s four day run was Friday. The quietest was Sunday – more than likely a combination of the city’s collective hangover from winning the Bundesliga the previous night and Mother’s day.

    Whatever – almost 19,490 people spilled through the M.O.C.’s doors this year. That’s 6% down on last year but the total includes accredited press whose attendance was up 2% on 2015. A mind-boggling 516 journalists travelled from all corners of the globe, confirming beyond doubt that this is the audio industry’s largest and most important trade show.

    At 518, the number of exhibitors showing off their wares was up by 2% also – that’s one exhibitor per journalist!

    Then there’s this pair of factoids: exhibitors came 42 different countries and the trade visitor pool was even bigger: 69 countries. Audio shows don’t get more international than that.

    As we shall see in the video below, many of the presentations at Munich High-End are conducted in German – and sometimes later in English (but not always). Many a presenter is bi-lingual. For those who aren’t, translators help out when technical clarity is required. Walk the floors with your ears open and you’ll hear a multitude of languages. This all sums to a genuinely urbane vibe – and precisely why I’ve done the long haul flight from Australia three years in a row.

    It might be hosted in Germany but any international positioning from the High End Society’s marketing department is substantiated on the ground. Munich High-End is a genuinely cosmopolitan event.


    Thankfully, contrary to rumours, the show returns to the M.O.C. in 2017. Get ready to mark off 18th – 21st May on your calendar.

    Coverage of the 2016 event resumes on these pages tomorrow.

    Further information: Munich High-End


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