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A splash of colour from Micromega’s M-One super-integrated

  • Micromega’s M-One is a loudspeaker amplifier loaded with digital streamer, DAC and phono stage. In other words, a super-integrated.

    Check out the back panel. The range of inputs/outputs is staggering: [inhales] MM/MC phono, balanced and unbalanced analogue, coaxial, Toslink, AES/EBU, USB and, to get digital audio geeks salivating, a pair of I2S. At the other end of the streaming quality spectrum, aptX Bluetooth and Airplay are also on offer [exhales].

    Immediately adjacent to the M-One’s loudspeaker binding posts sit an RCA socket for subwoofer connectivity and balanced XLR pre-amplifier outputs.

    The M-One comes in two versions: the M100 and the M150. The numbers denote watts per channel into an 8 Ohm load. Amplifier topology under the hood is Class A/B.


    American show exhibitors take note: Micromega weren’t the only manufacturer to sprinkle their Munich High-End display zone with fresh flowers. A splash of colour goes a long way, don’t you think?

    Not that this French manufacturer needed it. The M-One doesn’t only come in black or silver. You can have any colour you like – for a price – including precise matches to the Sopra No. 2 loudspeakers made by fellow Frenchmen Focal. Dream as big as the RAL swatch allows.

    Product designer Daniel Char and his team refer to this individual tailoring as M.C.F. – Micromega Custom Finish. As he outlines in the video below, each M-One is fashioned from a solid block of aluminium but material options can be extended to encompass wood, carbon fibre, leather…even gold.

    It isn’t only on colour and connectivity options that this super-integrated sets itself apart.

    Say bonjour to Micromega’s second acronym: M.A.R.S. – optional room correction in the frequency and time domain. And then there’s price: when the two models finally head into full production in a few weeks, the standard M100 will retail for €3750 and the M150 for ~€5000.

    The Micromega unit/s, like Devialet’s Expert 120 and 200 before them, offer an all-in-one solution that minimises box count, does away with interconnects and breaks clean from the aesthetic conservatism of the past.

    I can easily picture an M-One in red at DAR HQ, sitting between a red turntable from another Munich High-End florist Pro-Ject and the Spatial Hologram M4 open baffles.

    Further information: Micromega




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