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DAR prize giveaway #7: Chord Electronics Mojo

  • What’s the best DAC for under a grand in 2016? Not at easy question to answer. Different strokes suit different folks. Let’s skip out on the car analogy and head straight to the local Indian restaurant. Now we ask: what’s the best curry?

    A Korma echoes the Schiit Bifrost multibit’s fuller creamed euphony. For a more direct hit to the palette, we look to the Chord Mojo’s upfront, complex spicing – think jalfrezi.

    Moving our descriptive language back to audio land, the Mojo gives us a clear and present detailing of music and an abundance of spatial queues that combine for a forgive-me-not take on recordings good and bad. The Mojo shines a light into darker corners by dialing down the possible obfuscation of fatt(i)er connective tissue.

    Twin 3.5mm headphone outputs and rechargeable battery power give the Mojo the functional edge over the single utility, mains-tethered Schiit. Oh – and the Schiit doesn’t play ball with smartphones and tablets as easily as the Mojo. BYO CCK and off you go.

    Run your eyes over the DAR review/s of the Chord Mojo here and here. Video coverage for beginners is here.

    No surprise then that Chord Electronics can’t make ‘em fast enough.

    Today’s news is all about you: a Chord Mojo could be yours in return for a little social media diligence instead of the usual US$599 asking. Yup – DAR is teaming up with the UK manufacturer to give away a Chord Mojo to one p/lucky reader.

    We’re not giving this away to just any old Thomas, Richard or Harold, name pulled from a hat. You’ll have to work for it.

    Here’s how:

    Step 1: Give DAR a ‘Like’ on Facebook (here).

    Step 2: Watch and wait for a picture of the Chord Mojo to be posted – it will say ‘WIN ME’. The post could happen anytime between Thursday 28th April and Friday 20th May, 5pm GMT. ‘Anytime’ keeps the competition time zone neutral.

    Step 3: You’ll also need to make sure Facebook’s filter doesn’t strip the post from your news feed. Do this by activating notifications on ‘All posts’ and electing ‘see first’.

    See here:


    Step 4: Respond to the Mojo pic with three picture comments of your own: one of Chord Electronics CEO John Franks, one of the Mojo’s circuit designer Rob Watts and the album cover artwork of your favourite of all time. We won’t judge you, even if it’s Celine Dion or The Scorpions. Photo links are fine.

    The first person to get all three photo comments up beneath the Mojo snap wins the Mojo for real; the DAR decision stands as final (and all that).

    Chord Electronics’ will then ship the Mojo itself to the competition winner directly from their Kent HQ. This competition is therefore open to residents of mainland Europe, the UK, the USA/Canada and Australia/NZ.

    And now you watch and you wait. You will sleep with one eye open. You will not rest until that Mojo is yours.

    Further information: Chord Electronics

    UPDATE May 2016: Congratulations to our winner, Pete H of NSW, Australia.

    Written by John

    John currently lives in Berlin where he creates videos and podcasts for Darko.Audio. He has previously contributed to 6moons, TONEAudio, AudioStream and Stereophile.

    Darko.Audio is a member of EISA.

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