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On Australia Day, an Audioengine HD6 prize giveaway

  • ‘Strayaaa Day. It’s a time for family. It’s a time for mates. For sinking tinnies and – for some – punching out darts. For others, it’s an excuse for over indulgence and an ultimately regrettable punch on. Back on the gentler side of the street, it’s a time for backyard cricket or a picnic. It’s an opportunity to watch the Australian Open, either live or on TV. For the more progressive local, it’s a time to debate whether Australia Day should exist at all; to protest in the streets, to refuse to celebrate or to simply dismiss it as Invasion Day. For all walks of life though, it’s almost certainly time to thrown another prawn on the barbie and open up another cold one. You beaut.

    Whatever your take on the Australia’s favourite summer public holiday, it’s a day that brings folk together. The soundtrack more often than not Triple J’s Hottest 100, as voted for by the good old Aussie public (or anyone else with access to the Internet and a geoblocker). And the  Hottest 100 means controversy and – therefore – expletives lobbed aimlessly at the radio. And what of that radio? In this digital streaming age, it’s probably not of the FM persuasion. Is it some piss-ant Bluetooth thing that chirps from the corner of the room? Or laptop speakers? Word to the wise: friends don’t let friends listen to laptop speakers.

    One year, I attended a Hottest 100 party where the music was pumped through a fist-sized speaker dangled from a Hills Hoist.  You know what’s louder than a fist-sized speaker dangled from a Hills Hoist? EVERYTHING. Even the shuffle of feet. If you experienced such horrors this Australia day, your mate might be in need of some generosity. Like a new pair of speakers that do old fashioned things like stereo. And bass. And imaging. And all the things audiophiles care about.


    How about a FREE pair of Bluetooth-ready loudspeakers that look the business and sound just as good. No charge. No dollars down. Nothing. Thanks to the top blokes at Audioengine we’ve got a pair of their HD6 loudspeakers (review here) to give away to one lucky punter. Fair dinkum. I’m pretty sure this pair come in Walnut (as per the pictures) but without breaking the seal on the box I can’t know for certain. These speakers are all packaged up and ready to roll with AusPost.

    From the Audioengine website: “Our flagship HD6 powered speaker system represents a major milestone for Audioengine and shows just how far we’ve come in 10 years. Featuring built-in amplifiers that really pack a punch as well as analog and digital inputs including aptX® Bluetooth® and optical, the HD6 is not just another great-sounding pair of Audioengine powered speakers, but a complete audio system. Easy to set up, simple to use, and designed for the way people listen to music today.” 

    ‘Cept you can’t win them for yourself – you must nominate someone else. Perhaps it’s your mate who subjected you to the Hottest 100 through the speakers on his smartphone? Or maybe it’s just yr Mum. Whoever your intended beneficiary, simply let us know who and why in the comments section below. Best nomination wins.

    Rules of engagement. The winner will be chosen by myself after consultation with team Audioengine in the USA. Our collective decision is final. If you hadn’t worked it out by now, this competition is open to AUSTRALIA ONLY. And because it’s down under, I’m obliged to mention that there’s no cash substitute on offer here. More than that, the winning party – your nominee, not you (ya drongo) – must live in Queensland, New South Wales or Victoria. Please, no bleating from SA, WA, NT or TAS that you’re excluded. Whingeing – it’s unAustralian. What are you, a bloody pom?

    Lastly, ensure you provide a working email address when making your submission.

    Entries close after Home and Away wraps on Tuesday 9th February. Youse gots two weeks. Get moving.

    ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED and the winner contacted. Congratulations to Will F. of Westmead, NSW.

    Further information: Audioengine USA

    John Darko

    Written by John Darko

    John currently lives in Berlin where creates videos and podcasts and pens written pieces for Darko.Audio. He has also contributed to 6moons, TONEAudio, AudioStream and Stereophile.

    Darko.Audio is a member of EISA.

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    1. I’d like to nominate my father in law Colin. I’m sick of going to his place and hearing the tinnyist sound ever coming from the radio!

      • Hi John – you can strike it out if you like – after re-reading the article and seeing that there really is just the one pair and that it is state limited even in Aussie, there isn’t any realistic hope. Thanks for your always engaging articles. -Paul W

        “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    2. Hi…I would like my husband to win these speakers. Because it will stop him thinking he can make a pair of speakers and give me some peace….

    3. I nominate my new friend Liz Francis who lives around the corner from me, Fairfield
      Rd. Fairfield, Victoria. I’m putting her to the top of my list because she is so sincere in her life-choices and her house is nearly bereft of music, even though she loves it so much.
      She just wants to do her art, and make the right considered decisions – so she doesn’t enjoy much from the material world – – -and I would enjoy having a cup of tea there, and
      setting up the speakers for her. Thanks

    4. Hi John,

      Happy Australia day and what a fantastic idea. Here’s my nominee; his name is Dan and we work together. He’s a young bloke who loves his music but, until he met me, had never known how music should really sound. A few weeks ago he made the trip from Brissy to my joint in Northern NSW to have a listen to my setup; Devialet 200 into Dynaudio C1. He was amazed. I gave him free range on Tidal so he could listen to whatever he wanted. “The voices sound like real voices” was his response. “Great” I thought. “I’ve convinced someone”.

      Dan was a bit apprehensive though. “It’s great but that’s a lot of money”. I explained that there’s plenty of great gear out there that doesn’t cost the earth. The Audioengine speakers would be a fantastic way for him to get into ‘great sound’ (I don’t like ‘high end’. Too pretentious)

    5. My friend Yonnie from Brisbane who is a single mum with 2 kids, working full time and running to stand still. She never gets anything for herself and she’d genuinely love those.

    6. Hi John,
      I’d love to win these for my youngest son, Blair.
      He and the beautiful Jade have just moved into their own home so their purse-strings are tight as you can imagine. Whilst they both love to listen to my gear here at home and are using some hand-me-down gear of mine, they stream a lot of music and I would love to be able to present them with the Audioengine HD-6 speakers.
      The review reads really well and I think/know that they would get a lot of enjoyment from these beauties.
      Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone!
      regards, Ian

    7. My mate Pieter is so passionate about everything Audio and needs a speaker to match his crazinessss!!!! The HD6 is that speaker for sure!!!

    8. Hi John,

      I would like to nominate my brother, Iain. He’s been talking about setting up an entry level system for his home. Raising three kids on a modest single income has meant a lot of compromises in life and, though I’m always sending him links and suggestions for good quality, affordable gear, he just hasn’t been able to justify the expense.

      These Audioengine HD6 active speakers would be perfect for him. Without the need for extra amplification, he can hook them up to his existing sources without any extra outlay. I know these would blow him away. Thanks for the opportunity to win them and thanks for all your excellent articles.

      Kind regards,

    9. Ever since our father died last year, my brother and I decided that we should buy a house together to ensure that we stay close and not become estranged. We’re still hunting (and saving) but in researching a nice entry level audio setup, I’ve since come across DAR. As a first time poster, I quickly want to say that I greatly enjoy that demos and reviews are conducted with experimental electronic music as a great deal of what I listen to falls under this category.

      I would like to nominate my brother for the recipient for these speakers. Until we find a house together to share them, I know that he will appreciate the combination of aesthetic quality and future-thinking technologies built into these units. I wouldn’t describe him as an audiophile, but neither would I describe him as a technologic dilettante; neither of these qualities are required to enjoy innovative and versatile speakers from an established leader in the audio field.

    10. I would love to win these for my mate James. I introduced him to HRA 18 months ago. He is obsessed music fan who never had heard good quality sound at home. He boight a naim mu so at my suggestion to satisfy the members of his household but although it sounds good he misses the separation he hears with his earbuds. As he is now building a digital music library, using roon, mac, nas etc having a proper pair of speakers would allow him to continue his journey, get over his divorce and retirement and enjoy his senior years in music and fun.

    11. Hi Maaaate,

      I’d like to nominate my sister-in-law Rachel. Cue the violins….. Rach works permanent part time with primary school kids with learning difficulties. It’s a challenging job and she loves it. She is paid rubbish and doesn’t have th funds for many of lifes little joys. Her similarly rubbish beatbox hi fi pumps out appalling sound. A Pair of Audioengine HD6’s will change her musical life (and save us punishment, when we visit her and her Mum!).

      She could let go of the beatbox!

      Heartstrings duly tugged.

      Good luck to all.



    12. I nominate my daughter living in North Willoughby, NSW to receive the HD6 speakers. I have been horrified on my visits to hear her playing Taylor Swift on a cell phone for my granddaughter. At three my grand daughter is a prime candidate for demonstrating how quality sound can promote ones love of music for a lifetime. Besides, I will be able to listen to the HD6s when I visit! A win win.

    13. I’d like to nominate my missus, she just moved into her Yurt and is stuck with a Sony Mini System, and that’s just not right. Dontcha think 😉

    14. My bro Stu has just moved into a new place. He is strapped for cash. He loves music! His tiny unit has a couch, a small TV and a pair of TDK computer speakers straight from the 90s. I’m not sure both channels work and the sound they make when he plays music reminds of a mobile phone sitting in an old tin can for the extra amplification! At least a glass vase has more resonate bass!
      I got him a pair of xiaomi piston headphones as a present (on your recommendation). He loved them so much that when he saw some going for a bargain on ebay he bought 5. Turns out they were fakes, sounded crap and would cost him more to return than he paid! He binned them.
      So, yeah – he could catch a break. These beautiful speakers would help fill the new unit with everything from 70s rock to the latest electronic beats. Even though he hasn’t got much furniture these would set the standard for future purchases and in the mean time make it a happier place

    15. I’d like to nominate my band leader, Dex, ’cause it would be helpful to be able to hear ALL the instruments and vocals for the songs he wants to play. I’m sure the HD-6s would hit the current tinny bluetooth speakers out of the park (for a six)!

    16. I would like to nominate my oldest brother. He got me interested in audio, even though he never had an expensive system (He always told me he would buy one when he struck it rich!)

      He was using his PS3 into an old Cambridge Audio 540R AVR (which I gave him) into some $200 Denon speakers from Strathfield Car Radio (to be honest, I still don’t know if they were genuine or not)
      His Denon speakers have stopped working for over 2 years already and he never replaced them because he changed careers and took up an apprenticeship.
      I would like him to be able to listen to tunes and enjoy games with good quality audio again

    17. I would love to nominate my Son, Sam.
      He has just turned 30 and grew up listening to my music tastes from the 70,s and 80,s. He had no choice, Queen, Springsteen, Eagles, Elton John et al…that’s all I allowed him to listen to!

      He gas had a rough few years culminating in major eye surgery in 2015 and I would love for him to win these speakers and have the opportunity to listen to the vast array of music available these days on his very own high end speakers as opposed to his tinny computer speakers!

    18. If I’m the winner, my brother Craig Z who’s moving into new digs in Erskineville, NSW will put them to great use. Music lover, keyboard player and great brother – he is most deserving.

    19. I would like to nominate a very special young person in need.
      His name is Will Freestone – the 13 year old son of a very special lady I’ve been working together with administering the … Will is in Sydney children’s Hospital battling for life because of a brain-tumor and cancer that has spread body wide. It’s devastating to any parent and very sad for me as Penny’s friend. Perhaps a WIN for Will like these speakers would be a message and gift of HOPE…

    20. It’s all about balance isn’t it? You know that friend, the one with all the muscles and no co-ordination? And that other one with two master’s degrees that couldn’t organise a backyard BBQ. What about the one that can cook like a Michelin starred chef but still drinks VB or XXXX?

      Then there’s my friend Patrick. Plays guitar in a band. Knows more about obscure music trivia than anyone I know. And yet at home he plays all that glorious music on some tiny plastic single speaker piece of junk.

      Please give Patrick some balance.

    21. I’m nominating a fantastic couple, my brother-in-law and his wife. Their generosity is inversely proportionate to the size of their bank account; their love of music inversely proportionate to the state of their sound system. They’ve introduced me to countless “hidden gems” over the years – from music through to books and plants – and maintained their love and good humour through thick and thin. They’re doing up their new apartment in true second-hand retro style, and these speakers would be a fine fit, doing justice to some Nick Drake or Talking Heads. They would be worthy winners!

    22. I wish to nominate my long-time good friend Sandra. Over the decades we’ve been through many of life’s high and lows together, the one true constant however has been our shared passion for music. Sandra works hard and balances that with quality time spent with friends and family. Whether it be after a long day working or while relaxing and entertaining, music provides the soundtrack to life and decent playback is essential. Not the emaciated squawks of a bedside docking station, but the room-filling and engaging music of a true HiFi speaker system such as the Audioengine HD6.

    23. I’m nominating my fun loving, party animal, and high-school friend Marcel.

      What does Marcel really need? I mean, really, need? Clearly, a pair of high-quality speakers!

      Given how many parties he throws and how many people listen to music at his place, a pair of high-quality speakers would be more than just a gift – they would be an investment in the education of future audiophiles!

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