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Wyred4Sound’s bLINK Bluetooth, Recovery USB re-clockers

  • “Based on the successful design and implementation of the Remedy, I wanted to apply the same principles to improve wireless streaming signals and later, USB,”. That’s Wyred4Sound’s CEO and founder EJ Sarmento introducing two new products set to ship in Q1 2016. The bLINK and the Recovery re-clockers.

    bLINK is a reworked Remedy (reviewed here) that omits hard-wired Toslink input to make way for wireless Bluetooth. Toslink and coaxial outputs remain as per the Remedy. In between input and output, data re-clocking from a Femto oscillator. In other words, the Remedy’s killer jitter reduction circuit can now be applied to Bluetooth and coax S/PDIF. Price? US$499. Orders placed before EOY attract a US$100 discount.


    Recovery is a USB re-clocker designed to re-time data packets and lower noise flowing from PC/Mac to DAC over USB. (Think of it as Wyred4Sound’s take on the UpTone Regen or Schiit Wyrd). Recovery is larger than the former but smaller than the latter. Sarmento promises an ultra-quiet power supply but the Recovery’s biggest point of difference to rival units is Femto clocking. This palm-size device will sell for US$249 upon release early next year but early birds get US$100 off.

    Wyred4Sound products are all handmade in the US of A. Yeehaw. Take a factory tour here.

    Further information: Wyred4Sound


    John H. Darko

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