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UPDATED! KEF LS50 loudspeaker gets extreme makeover

  • Some news announcements require wordy explanation: designers intent, tech specs, pricing, availability etc. For some though, pictures are the most effective method of communication.

    Riding roughshod over maxim that it’s sound (and not looks) that matter most are British manufacturer KEF.  This week the British manufacturer announce a further extension to their LS50 line, perhaps this decade’s most popular standmount loudspeaker.

    The LS50 will soon be available in three limited edition finishes: Racing Red, Frosted Black and Titanium Grey.








    Pricing remains TBA but a doff of the cap goes to Tokyo’s Stereo Sound, whom I visited last week, for the heads up on this.

    Further information: KEF



    UPDATED 6th December 2015:

    A visit to Apollo Hifi in Marrickville (Sydney) gave rise to these happy snaps that show the new colours in real life context:






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    1. Maybe KEF could inject some “soul” in these along with the new colors. Ive heard them a bunch of times with different equipment at shows and they always came across a a “great speaker” but without that je ne sais qua of emotion….just by 2 cents…they look great. Id like to hear them with a higher powered tube amp-that could be the perfect blend…

    2. Just wish they’d take that KEF logo off the top of the speaker. Felt it looked far worse in person than in pics of the speakers when I had the original black ones in my place.

      • I find the logo on the top to be much less noticeable than logos on the front of a speaker, which are usually silver or gold.

    3. Love it. Ever since the white ones came out and I saw that blue driver I’ve been dreaming of a pair of black speakers with blue drivers. Soon I’ll be able to get a pair of my very own.

    4. As far as the logo is concerned, at least it is not on the front of the speaker and is fairly lo-key. Much better than space alien show of spread technology with live long and prosperity look!

    5. I wanted lime green with pink driver to match my wife’s room. My better prefer is black matte with black or white driver or something to match the uniform of my local baseball team the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters!!!

    6. Just seen all the color combination in Brussels – at annual Audio Salon – wonderful selection! Grey was my favorite.

      All was however overshadowed by new KEF MUON – once in a lifetime opportunity to listen – sounded really larger than life and easily made KEF the best room. Some powerful tracks from Yello and Infected Mushroom shook everybody’s foundtations 🙂

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