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Fujiya Avic headphone festival 2015: Sunday sights & sounds

  • FA_2015_autumnTo sit and work or get out there amongst it? That’s the ongoing dilemma for the journalist taking time out and on vacation. Strike that: working holiday. Life is once but this is my fourth visit to Tokyo and yet four lifetimes would be insufficient to take in all that this experientially dense city has to offer.

    The Fujiya Avic headphone show – strike that: festival – runs for two days. Outside, the weather was brighter, cooler and windier on Sunday than Saturday. Not that it made a jot of difference to those holed up in the stuffy halls and conference rooms of the Nakano Sun Plaza where hundreds of exhibitors touted their headphone-centric wares.

    Not even coffee breaks at Starbucks across the plaza brought respite from Tokyo’s pervasise sense of indoor airlessness. Aircon units sit it out more often than not.

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, what value video? The latter is where I’m investing Tokyolo work time. The aim? To better communicate the sights and sounds of this most splendid Japanese headphone event. After all, this isn’t RMAF or Munich HighEnd with the world’s hifi press in attendance.

    The rules of engagement for shooting/editing video here were: 1) keep it short and sweet; 2) minimise talking head time.

    Below are two short montages from the show’s second day which whilst not as a well attended as the first saw queues persist for the VentureCraft DAP, FitEar’s hybrid CIEM and (especially) Sony’s all-new CIEM off-shoot Just Ear. Andy Regan of JH Audio reckoned the wait for Pioneer and Onkyo DAP playtime was just as long the day before. Sennheiser continued with their bizarrely funereal vibe.

    Up next, exhibitor specific coverage that will see us zoom in more closely.

    Further information: Fujiva Avic



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