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Bryston serve coffee, T and A at Munich High-End 2015

  • munich_high_end_2015_logoT and A? Tits and ass? For the German audio company of the same name it’s “Theory and Application”. For Bryston it’s a new range of loudspeakers. Yes, loudspeakers. With the Canadian company supplying amplifiers for PMC’s active models, I was surprised to learn that the Brits weren’t involved at all in the development or manufacture of T and A. Instead, fellow Canadians Axiom have been charged with driver and cabinet production as well as assembly, all in line with Bryston’s specifications.


    The complete range of T and A loudspeaker models reportedly took two years to develop and then a further eighteen months to refine. Time well spent. ‘Twas the two standmount models that hooked my attention at the M.O.C.. The Mini-T (€3300) sports an 8” ceramic-coated aluminium woofer, a similarly anodized 5.25″ midrange driver and a 1” titanium dome tweeter. A similar drive configuration is seen in the less expensive Mini-A standmount (€1500): its drivers measure 6.5″, 3″ and 1″ respectively. The Mini-A’s nominal impedance drops in at 8 Ohms, twice that of the Mini-T.

    With the Mini-A on static display duty, the Mini-‘T’ standmount was in play at Bryston’s Atrium room when I stopped by. They sounded gorgeous: effervescent with detail, airy and easeful. A shame that one visitor’s request for his own music choice was cut short shrift; the audiophile-centric white-dude-blues being spun by Bryston gets old pretty darn quickly.


    Lucky for this fellow then that Bryston had an ace up their sleeve. It’s what brought me into a room that I might have otherwise passed by.

    Partitioning the demo space across the middle, Bryston put a coffee machine complete with full-trained barista front and centre (and just inside the entrance). “Flat whites all round, my good fellow!” On coffee, Bryston pick up best in show. More manufacturers should do this (or something like it) – present as if the demo space were their own home. The smell draws attendees closer, breaks the ice and better primes them for demo session congeniality.

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