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LH Labs shoots for crowd-funding hatrick with Geek Wave

  • LH Labs, a subsidiary of Light Harmonic, are going for the hatrick with their crowd-funding of portable digital audio devices. First came the Geek Out. Then the Geek Pulse. Today LH Labs announce the Geek Wave – an audiophile-grade DAC / headphone amplifier add-on for your smartphone. The promotional blurb aims low with claims sound its sound will be “128x clearer and 8x louder” than your smartphone.

    Whatever the marketing spin, this is good news for anyone with a Google Nexus 5 or Samsung Galaxy SIII, both of which sound markedly inferior to the not-too-bad iPhone 4/4s/5/5s.

    The Geek Wave comes ashore with a three-pronged attack on sound quality, storage and battery life.

    On audio performance the press release boasts: “Geek Wave is built on a high-performance digital to analog converter core that Light Harmonic has had in development since 2008 and uses “cost-no-object” audio components. Utilising Light Harmonic’s “INSTANT POWER” technology, currently used in its high-end Da Vinci DAC, Geek Wave delivers 2 times more power to headphones, allowing them to be heard to their fullest potential, even in the most crowded of places.”  The Geek Wave will decode DXD (PCM up to 384kHz) and DSD.


    This add-on isn’t only for improving the SQ of streaming services. Oh no. On storage the Geek Wave packs an impressive internal 256Gb to ameliorate your existing smartphone’s capacity.

    On battery life: “The Geek Wave features a high capacity battery that can recharge a smartphone battery twice in half the time of other chargers available on the market. It does this by incorporating charging circuits into the tips where it connects with a smartphone, ensuring it’s receiving the most power available from a USB port.”

    LH Labs’ Geek Wave will be first funded (formally) announced via an Indiegogo campaign that begins 10th April 2014.

    However, don’t get that credit card out just yet. Pricing has yet to be nailed down although it’s expected to be in the region of US$399 via Indiegogo whilst the RRP down the line will tip $600.

    And if you’re wondering why details are sketchy at this stage it’s because the product isn’t finalised…yet. LH Labs first want to hear from potential customers about what features they’d like to see included in the Geek Wave.

    “Geek Wave is in the final stages of development and the company is now ready to hear from audiophiles and casual listeners what additional features they want to see in the new device.”, runs the PR.

    Further information: Geek Wave on Indiegogo



    John Darko

    Written by John Darko

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    1. I think they’ve over-extended themselves too far, since I’ve backed both previous campaigns but I’ve yet to receive the first product which was promised in January and still no confirmation as to when I will get it. Doubtful if I’ll back this new product. Starting to believe it’s not worth the wait to save a little money, while committing to a no-refund product which may be good or not.

      • Hi, Larry

        Sorry that you didn’t get your stuff yet. And I am 100% agree with you. Don’t back anything more. Please don’t.

        I would rather you get Geek Out first and see how it goes.

        And every campaign we designed is targeted at DIFFERENT users groups. And I really hope we won’t/don’t dig deeper into our current supporter’s pocket.

        Thanks for your patience. Really….. I know how bad it feels.


    2. Give me a few more details and I might just fund this one. Timing couldn’t be better as I see myself diving into the custom in-ear-monitor scene this year. I also hope they also have a bluetooth model (maybe optional extra) planned, since I wouldn’t have to bungey my phone to it. That way I could just leave the Wave in my bag while I do some pr0n surfing on the phone while on the go.

      • Actually, I think you do need to bungee your phone to it. The phone is needed to control the Geek Wave.

        • Actually, I think by “bungee” he means to physically connect the Wave to the phone via OTG cable(android) or via Lightening cable(iPhone) to control music playback on the Wave. However, according to yours and other’s comments on the Geek Force forums, this ISN’T necessary.

          The Wave will come with Bluetooth 4.0/LE connectivity via an LH Labs app, and this will be used to control all PLAYBACK features of the Wave. Physical connection will only be necessary for charging the device.


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