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Wyred4Sound launch MKII ST-500 / ST-100 stereo amplifiers

  • Like the idea of Wyred4Sound’s mINT amps but averse to doubling up on power cables? Wyred4Sound have packed two mini amps (reviewed here and here) into a single chassis to bring you the ST-500 MKII – a dual mono power amplifier that nudges 250 wpc into 8Ω (430 wpc into 4Ω).

    Balanced (Neutrik) and (gold-plated) single-ended connections hold tight to the scene but you’ll save US$300 on the double mAMP config as the new ST-500 MKII power amplifier sells for US$1499. The ST also sports the new (“3rd generation”) input stage that already graces each mAMP.

    The message is simple according to Wyred4Sound’s marketing dude Clint Hartman: “The ST-500 mkII is two mAMPs in one chassis. Someone would buy the new ST to save money and reduce the number of components. Someone would buy the mAMP’s to gain absolute channel separation and the ability to place each amp in close proximity to the speaker it is driving.”

    Need even more go juice? For a hundred clams north of the twin mAMPs – that’s US$1999 – the ST-1000 MKII doubles down on the ICEPower for close to 460 wpc into 8Ω and 723 wpc into 4Ω (which should wake up the Magnepan owners).


    Specifications are numerous…

    ST-500 MKII

    • Typical THD+N 8Ω (10W out): 0.001%
    • Power Output 8Ω @ 0.2% THD+N: 245W
    • Power Output 8Ω @ 1.0% THD+N: 277W
    • Power Output 4Ω @ 0.2% THD+N: 430W
    • Power Output 4Ω @ 1.0% THD+N: 460W
    • Output Idle Noise (A Wt.): <125µV
    • Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz (8Ω @ 10W): ± 0.1db
    • Lower Bandwidth: 1.5Hz all loads
    • Balanced Input Impedance: 100kΩ
    • Unbalanced Input Impedance: 100kΩ
    • Dynamic Range (A Wt.): 111db
    • Gain: 30.5db
    • Sensitivity: 1.31V
    • Output Impedance: 0.018Ω
    • Min Load: 3Ω
    • Max Output Current: 30A
    • Idle Power Consumption: <28W
    • Standby Power Consumption: <0.5W

    ST-1000 MKII

    • Typical THD+N 8Ω (10W out): 0.001%
    • Power Output 8Ω @ 0.2% THD+N: 460W
    • Power Output 8Ω @ 1.0% THD+N: 480W
    • Power Output 4Ω @ 0.2% THD+N: 723W
    • Power Output 4Ω @ 1.0% THD+N: 775W
    • Output Idle Noise (A Wt.): <215µV
    • Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz (8Ω @ 10W): ± 0.15db
    • Lower Bandwidth: 1.5Hz all loads
    • Balanced Input Impedance: 92kΩ
    • Unbalanced Input Impedance: 92kΩ
    • Dynamic Range (A Wt.): 108db
    • Gain: 30.7db
    • Sensitivity: 1.75V
    • Output Impedance: 0.021Ω
    • Min Load: 4Ω
    • Max Output Current: 30A
    • Idle Power Consumption: <28W
    • Standby Power Consumption: <0.5W

    All of Wyred4Sound’s amplifiers are built by hand in Atascadero, CA and are backed by a five year warranty.


    Further information: Wyred4Sound

    John Darko

    Written by John Darko

    John currently lives in Berlin where creates videos and podcasts and pens written pieces for Darko.Audio. He has also contributed to 6moons, TONEAudio, AudioStream and Stereophile.

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    1. Dear DAR,
      Perhaps this is unfair but I thought I’d give it go anyway. I have ~$5000k to spend on
      a digital system and am thinking to go with Wired4Sound for the DAC and amp. KEF LS50 for speakers plus a sub and a Auraliti PK100 for a “player”. I can probably stretch the budget a few $k (US) and so wonder what you would recommend for a system. I live in Canada and so have pretty good access to US made components. You input is very much appreciated.

      • I can speak directly to the SUPERB match between the W4S and LS50. Are you intending to go digital direct from DAC to power amps? If so, know that the sound might be thinner, zippier than with a pre-amp in the chain. Auraliti make excellent budget players – you won’t go far wrong there.

        • Hello Guys I own the Wyred dsd SE dac with the new Femto clock nice improvement.the 32 bit volume does not thin the
          Music out it is still full and musical with the new St-MK-2
          500 amplifier . I will for sure run an amplifier eventually
          For even more gain,dynamics,and as John mentioned perhaps a bit warmer. Don’t forget good cables, and power cords.One thing I have found by Adding the Synergistic
          Research fuses in the dac and amp is a noticable step up
          Even over the Furutech fuses and adds a bit of warmth together with better detail and depth.

    2. One of the best sounding rooms at the last SF Audio show was the Wyred mINT unit and the Fritz LS 5/R’s . It was impressively simple and provided a really pleasant sound. An incredibly well thought out product line as I am sure the new amps are well improved. Australian’s could do way worse than the Wyred product. Very high value for sound factor. Big fan of E.J. Sarmento.

      • Agreed – he’s leading the pack when it comes to entry-level ICEPower amp designs.

    3. Hi John,
      Currently my system consists of a Benchmark DAC2 connected to an ATI1202 amp and B&W 805S speakers.
      Spec wise I think my amplifier is the weakest element right now, and I would like to try the new ST-500 mkII.
      Do you have any experience with Benchmark gear? I’m planning to take advantage of the passive attenuators of the DAC2 to match it to the ST-500 and get the best possible dynamic range.

      • Sorry Sebastian – no experience at all with the Benchmark gear I’m afraid. 🙁

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