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    Written by John H. Darko

    John is the editor of Darko.Audio, from whose ad revenues he derives an income. He is also an occasional contributor to 6moons and AudioStream and currently resides in Berlin, Germany.

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    1. neil said this………..

      “”””TAS: Have you had any record labels that don’t want to be a part of Pono?
      NY: No, we’ve had success across the board. That’s because they know I’m a record company guy. Most of the presidents and CEOs of record companies haven’t been around as long as I have, so they listen. I’m not a tech company, I’m a musician, and I’m here for the record companies. I want to give them back the power to make all the marketing decisions. I want the labels to decide, not the tech giants. When we give the power back to those who make music, everyone wins”””

      Now, isn’t it interesting to hear an Artist, a recording artist talking about giving recording companies the “power back” ,regarding making all the music listening decisions for us.
      If you recall….the reason that illegal downloading took over the planet by ‘1999 was because in the ’90s, Record companies had created and destroyed the sound of music by forcing harsh 16 Bit CDs and harsh sounding CD Players down our throats, while they took away the Vinyl Medium. And, they also decided that a brand new harsh sounding CD release was going to be $19.99.. and if you dont like it, f- you.
      Well, the consumer didnt like it = illegal downloads = record company demise.
      So, that is what “record companies” did for the consumer and the Artids, and the sound of music when they had the “control” and the “power”.
      And now Neil wants to reinvent their wheel and music listening in general with the idea that giving you his idea of Hi Rez music downloads is somehow empowering you and “saving music and ARtistS” IF IF IF you get it your music from “record companies” who will control the final play……, instead of from ITunes or HD Tracks, or other independant HD music sources”.

      color me skeptical, and assume the worst.
      well, color me skeptical, as i dont believe that “record companies” give a flying fire truck about the resolution of music

      or the quality of ART in general or Aritsts in general as long as they can control the bottom line $$$$$$, and here is Neal saying this is exactly what he sees is the problem with “music”, is that “big Corps” control the music instead of “record Companies”.

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