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Schiit announce US$119 tube hybrid headphone amplifier

  • Schiit Audio keep on trucking with the wallet-friendly headphone gear. Out of the gate this month is the Vali, a ‘subminiature’ tube hybrid headphone amplifier that sells for US$119. Not, that’s not a typo. US$119.

    Yes, the casework is the same found on the solid state Magni but internally it’s a different game. The skinny NOS Jan Raytheon tubes found inside the Vali aren’t just buffers – they provide ALL the voltage gain.

    vali pcb

    “[The tubes] run on seriously appropriate 60V rails — ideal for the tube’s maximum rating of 67.5V. Beyond the tube is a fully discrete bipolar phase flipper, buffer, and output stage.”, says Jason Stoddard.

    There’s reportedly enough power on tap for headphones from 32 to 600 ohms and, as with all Schiit gear, the Vali is 100% made in the USA.


    The 16VAC input on the rear is fuelled by linear power supply juice.  230V versions are available for regions outside of the USA.

    The Vali is shipping now.

    Further information: Schiit | Addicted To Audio

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    1. Why on earth would anyone not spring for the extra $20 and get a tubed version? I can’t wait to hear how this one sounds.

      From wikipedia:

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    2. If I have digital out from my PC to a DAC (Bushmaster) and then the DAC’s analog out to this headphone amp will things improve ?
      What does the headphone amp do on top of the DAC’s processing ?
      Sorry if this is simple question – just bought some AKG K550s so am new to headphones !

      • Yes – definitely and out of sight. The headphone output on the Bushmaster is OK but nothing special.

    3. Would you recommend this amp to a n00b but aspiring audiophile? I just stumbled upon your reviews and am a bit lost sorry. I have a bit of grounding audio engineering but the course i did was about 7 years ago so the knowledge i do have is a bit patchy as i didn’t use it and ended up losing it. Any wisdom you could impart on a beginner and resources for relearning the technical aspects of audio amplification/equalisation/effects processors in regards to working out which pieces of hardware would be best suited to different applications would be greatly appreciated. I still listen to vinyl and casettes, along with compressed digital as well as lossless formats. I guess what i’m looking for is some sort of cross referencing tool (or at least a starting point to developing my own) to work out which amp/pre-amp would suit best listening to say vinyl through a certain player with certain speakers or headphones, as well as a guide to what combinations of all these things work well together, what doesn’t work together and what merely will suffice for someone who isn’t majorly picky. I have a bit of cash to throw around but would like to start a bit modest and build up my systems in parallel to building my knowledge of exactly how those systems work.
      Sorry to rabbit on, if you got this far thankyou for not calling tl;dr halfway through.

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