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Rega prep Saturn-R CD-DAC player

  • Integration (not disintegration) – that’s the name of the game being played by the Brits at Rega. Their new Saturn-R is both CD player and DAC.

    The accommodation of external sources on the Saturn-R are handled by two optical inputs, two 75 Ohm coaxial inputs and a galvanically isolated, asynchronous XMOS USB input — each of which handle up to 24bit/192kHz PCM streams. Supervising the decode on the inside is a pair of Wolfson WM8742 which in turn provide user-selectable digital filters.


    Rather than lift it verbatim, interested parties can find the technical skinny on Page 2 of the Saturn-R manual [.pdf].

    More savvy audiophiles will know that getting digital audio from a computer to sound as good as a CD player isn’t as simple as a direct USB hook-up.Β To side-step severe cases of digititus and the jitters, you gotta think re-clockers, USB cables that keep the bloody noise down and software players that keep CPU action on the down-low.

    The Saturn-R is for listeners not wanting to go all in with computer audio. It’s a US$3000 two-fer, squarely aimed at those wanting to transition slowly or folk long-hauling the shiny silver alongside a computer.

    The Saturn-R is available now, ships with a Solaris remote control and is (currently) only available in black.

    Further information: Rega UK | Synergy Audio

    John Darko

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    1. ” XMOS USB input”. How do you know this?
      Have not yet found any info on this specific input with Rega.
      The strange thing is that there are quite more (big name) brands who are only just mentioning ‘asynchronous’ in their spec’s.
      The ‘little’ brands are more open with that kind of info.
      Anyway, good to see that Rega are also on the right track. I believe there is a DAC-R also coming up with updated USB input.

    2. Ah OK, must have been updated lately because that info wasn’t there the last time I looked.
      There’s no mention of this “Xmos driver” info on the refferred ‘Page 2’ of the manual though, maybe that why.

      About the DAC-R… there only a few sites in Europe mention the name but the spec’s are the same as the recent one, so no official Rega update yet.

      Not sure yet I would switch my Bifrost DAC for the Rega.
      I found this new product from Ami Musik DDH-1 also very interesting.

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