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Calyx to launch ‘M’ portable DXD/DSD player at CES 2014

  • Hold onto your hi-res, here comes a new product from South Korea’s Calyx set to rival the Astell&Kern duopoly.

    Details are a little sketchy with the ‘M’ announcement quietly dribbling from Calyx’s Facebook page a week or so ago.

    Like the AK100 and AK120, the ‘M’ is a portable media player that doubles as a USB DAC.  24/384 DXD and 128DSD are in the bag – we’re unsure at this stage if the M mulches DSD to PCM prior to decoding (as the Astell&Kerns do).  There’s 64Gb internal memory with (presumably microSD card slots) to add 192Gb more. That touch OLED display is almost a 5 incher and the chassis measures up like this: 141.5 mm x 70.8 mm x 14 mm.


    The Calyx M will be formally launched at CES in January 2014, 30-221 The Venetian. Retail pricing has been set at US$999.

    Further information: Calyx Audio

    John Darko

    Written by John Darko

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    1. Sounds interesting … but $999.00???? Shiza! Please Teclast, do an S:flo 2 redeux PLEEEASE!!! 😉 … that thing was about 180.00, full of bugs, and would give any of the 1000.00 players a damn good run for their money. I love the dual DAC design of certain high dollar DACs but the S:flo 2 was/is dual DAC as well and pretty much matches them in sheer sound quality (not features at all, but certainly close in regards to sound) and didn’t cost the same as a early model Toyota Corolla. Thanks for the tip, BTW!

    2. Sounds really interesting. 254 GB of storage is enough for a serious portable collection, even if a good part of it is hi-res.

      Portable players like this may be the way to turn more younger listeners into “audiophiles” and ensure that the coporations provide us with quality hi-res music.

    3. Interesting yes. About the price, don’t forget this is one of the first models of its kind.
      If these devices have any kind of modest success we will see something similar with even more storage space – at half the price in a year or two.

    4. ‘Mulches’; I like that! This thing looks interesting but at what point do you suppose 56 year old ears with mild tinnitus can tell the difference…?

    5. Just think how cool this would be if there were any DSD media to play on it!! I’m not talking about Norwegian folk tunes or Albanian chanting, but actual music that real live people would want to own.

    6. Dunno ’bout you guys but some of us have terabytes of DSD material to choose from, including geezer Rock!

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