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AURALiC go lifestyle with Gemini 1000 / 2000

  • AURALiC have jumped into bed with Klutz Design to produce the Gemini 2000 and 1000. AURALiC refers to them as ‘headphone docks’ but the sculpted design promises considerably more than a stand and cable tidy for your ‘phones. Encased in the Swedish CanCans shell are 1) an SD Extended Capacity (SXDC) card reader, 2) a DXD/DSD-compliant DAC and 3) a Class A headphone amplifier. Model numeration refers to maximum mW headphone output with the Gemini 2000 employing a fully-balanced design.

    The base of the Gemini is milled from brass and houses balanced (4-pin) and single-ended (quarter inch) headphone connectors, USB, SDXC card slot, phone jack input, ‘niceness’ volume control, input selector, power on/off and power socket. The base also handles heat dissipation – apparently it’s better than aluminium in this regard – as well as volume and sample rate display.


    More vital statistics…

    • 30 cm tall
    • 3 kg
    • hand-polished lacquer finish
    • five colour options (black, white, red, yellow and blue)
    • 20 Hz – 20 KHz frequency range
    • max storage 2 TB
    • THD: <0.001% for Gemini 2000 and <0.002% for Gemini 1000

    The GEMINI 2000 and 1000 will be available from November with RRPs of US$1995 and US$995 respectively.

    Further information: AURALiC / Addicted To Audio

    Written by John

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