Jaguar Audio Design launch audiophile Linux OS

  • Darin Forkenbrock of Jaguar Audio Design has announced the availability of his RTOS v1.0, a Linux operating system for audiophiles.  RealTime audio capability is baked right into the kernel; the processes that control audio playback are given priority over (nearly) all others. In essence: audio activity is not interrupted by non-audio activity. On paper at least this translates to more precise clock timing and lower jitter.

    The Jaguar RTOS v1.0 can be installed on Intel-based Macs or PCs or run from a Live DVD (without installation). It is compatible with USB DACs that work with the standard USB 2.0 driver. This means no proprietary driver installation woes. A Linux driver for M2Tech products is also installed.  This Linux OS also supports most SPDIF soundcards.

    RTOS v1.0 eschews MPD in favour of JACK with a Rhythmbox interface because “it’s one of just a few Linux players that allows you to quickly filter and click though your library (without resorting to playlists). Linux players are very antiquated compared to Foobar or jRiver, but Rhythmbox has all the important basic functionality.”, says Forkenbrock


    “I’m not claiming this will have you rushing to abandon your jRiver or Pure Music setup, but if nothing else it’ll give you some perspective on where state-of-the-art Linux is right now.”, he contonues.

    Forkenbrock is also nearing completion of his Jaguar Music Server which features a highly modified Windows 8 OS, v2.0 of the Linux-based RTOS, a SOtM buffered USB card (or Lynx AES16 soundcard) and Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX and PAE devices.

    RTOS v1.0 is available as a FREE download from the Jaguar Audio Design website.  There you’ll also find concise guides on custom Foobar2K configuration and how to best rip CDs with Exact Audio Copy.

    Further information: Jaguar Audio Design

    Written by John

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