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ALO Audio announce The Island portable USB DAC / head-amp

Portland’s ALO Audio today extend their range of portables in style: The Island is a USB DAC / headphone amplifier with anodized aluminium enclosure and, eat your heart out Jonathan Ive, it’s available in three colours: blue, silver, black and bling-tastic gold.


A Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC chip gives you access to bit- and sample-rates up to 24bit /192kHz. There are no playback hoes with 88.2kHz and 176.4kHz either. The USB input runs asynchronously and 3.5mm single-ended and mini balanced-headphone output socketry should keep most listeners in the game.


Output power ratings are as follows…

130mW @ 32 Ohms
200mW @ 50 Ohms
160mW @ 300 Ohms
83mW @ 600 Ohms

130mW @ 32 Ohms
200mW @ 50 Ohms
660mW @ 300 Ohms
330mW @ 600 Ohms

The ergonomic consideration of a large volume knob nicely sets The Island apart from the competition: HRT microStreamer, Audioquest Dragonfly, M2Tech HiFace [DAC] and Meridian Explorer.


The ALO Island sells for US$299 and is available immediately.

Further information: ALO Audio / Addicted To Audio

John H. Darko

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