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AURALiC Vega review (Part 3 – vs. Metrum Hex, 6Moons)

  • My final thoughts on AURALiC’s Vega have just gone up on 6Moons. Make no mistake – this is one fine-, fine-sounding DAC.  It gives the listener far more aural satisfaction than DACs swimming in the budget end of the market (say, <$1000).  For a similar cash drop, the Metrum Hex is capable of pulling up alongside.  Both DACs have well thought out USB implementations and neither demand the intervention of USB-S/PDIF conversion for maximum performance.  Both DACs sound terrific, each for different reasons.  I tried to separate them, to pick a clear winner.  I couldn’t.  Click here to read my thoughts.

    Clearly, the AURAliC Vega has the more impressive feature set of the two and is aesthetically more agreeable.  If you need a digital pre-amp, the Vega is your guy.  I think I’d (previously) underrated its ability to satisfy in this regard.  Having recently fed its output into an ME 550 power amplifier I found myself wanting for very little and managed to eek a consistently impressive performance out of the Magnepan MMGs.

    We talked about ‘Alan.  Xuanxian Wang’s (pictured below) attentiveness and promptitude with email replies was super-impressive.  This augurs well for anyone unsure about buying a product from a relatively new player in the digital audio field.  Well played, Sir, well played.


    Further Information: AURALiC

    Part 1 of my Vega coverage is here and Part 2 here.

    John Darko

    Written by John Darko

    John currently lives in Berlin where creates videos and podcasts and pens written pieces for Darko.Audio. He has also contributed to 6moons, TONEAudio, AudioStream and Stereophile.

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    1. Great review and insights John. Any thoughts on how these products compare with the PS Audio PerfectWave II?

      • I’m reluctant to comment with confidence when I don’t have the PWD here right now.

    2. Hey John – with regard to the volume control, did you tend to have it operating in a higher range (less attenuation) with the ME?

      Wondering if your previous (lower) opinion of this part of its functionality could be related to the ammount of attenuation or if it’s just a system synergy thing with some amps.

    3. Another question about the volume. Do you think a pre-amp is unnecessary/overkill with the Vega? I was told that it’s best to run the DAC at 100% then use the pre to control the volume. If I can save the $$ by not needing a pre-amp that would be great with me…

      Last question… Could the Vega filters calm down treble-hot recordings and make them smoother?

      • I think it all depends on which way your system spills but, no, the Vega won’t soften hot-crusted recordings.

        • Thanks John, So to clarify. My system would be an Auralic Vega, Job225 amp, and mac server, driving Gamut L5 speakers. Do you think this would need a preamp?

          • Your questions too tough to call from a distance. Srajan’s yr man for an answer. Unless…unless…I can persuade Job to send *me* a 220-240V unit.

    4. Hi John,
      Thanks for your insightful reviews, I just wanted to ask if you have had a chance, or will in the near future, shoot out the Audio gd Master 7 and the AURALic Vega. I know your a fan of both the 7.1 and Vega, and suspect the vega to be quite superior, but I imagine the Master 7 may be on par with the Vega from what I have read, though I would appreciate your view.

      Regards, Steve.

    5. Hello J.Darko,

      Always looking out for your reviews.
      About the metrum hex: i saw the worst measurements in 3 years that I follow these on milleraudio bij P.Miller.

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