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AURALiC Vega review (Part 3 – vs. Metrum Hex, 6Moons)

  • My final thoughts on AURALiC’s Vega have just gone up on 6Moons. Make no mistake – this is one fine-, fine-sounding DAC.  It gives the listener far more aural satisfaction than DACs swimming in the budget end of the market (say, <$1000).  For a similar cash drop, the Metrum Hex is capable of pulling up alongside.  Both DACs have well thought out USB implementations and neither demand the intervention of USB-S/PDIF conversion for maximum performance.  Both DACs sound terrific, each for different reasons.  I tried to separate them, to pick a clear winner.  I couldn’t.  Click here to read my thoughts.

    Clearly, the AURAliC Vega has the more impressive feature set of the two and is aesthetically more agreeable.  If you need a digital pre-amp, the Vega is your guy.  I think I’d (previously) underrated its ability to satisfy in this regard.  Having recently fed its output into an ME 550 power amplifier I found myself wanting for very little and managed to eek a consistently impressive performance out of the Magnepan MMGs.

    We talked about ‘Alan.  Xuanxian Wang’s (pictured below) attentiveness and promptitude with email replies was super-impressive.  This augurs well for anyone unsure about buying a product from a relatively new player in the digital audio field.  Well played, Sir, well played.


    Further Information: AURALiC

    Part 1 of my Vega coverage is here and Part 2 here.

    Written by John

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