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Schiit Audio’s Gen 2 USB and Uber analogue upgrades

  • Schiit Audio are making good on their promise of the Bifrost and Gungnir DACs being modular and fully upgradable.

    First up, the Bifrost gets a new Uber analogue board. This apparently lifts the ‘sonic and measured performance’ of the Bifrost by borrowing the discrete, direct-coupled gain stage from the Gungnir. The Uber board can be ordered with any new Bifrost for US$70 or purchased as an upgrade to existing units for US$100, for which Schiit are fully prepared. Their all-new upgrade scheduling system promises to keep turnaround times to a minimum.


    Secondly, BOTH the Bifrost and the Gungnir can be fitted with Schiit’s second generation USB board. It plugs the 24/176.4 hole (a bugbear of mine) and Stoddard and Moffat claim it will out-shine several external USB-S/PDIF convertors (of which I’ve been a strong proponent). That sounds very promising indeed. Nice to see a manufacturer make a song and dance about USB quality in a budget unit. This Gen 2 USB board ships with all new Bifrosts and Gungnirs for US$100 or can be had via the upgrade programme for US$150.

    Further Information: Uber Analog Upgrade / Gen 2 USB

    John Darko

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        • The one they will sell you for another $150. And another one will come down the pike in a year or so for another $100. Making the Schitt DAC one of the cheapest ones on the market for a mere $3500.

            • Just a joke about the upgrade cycle. If the original costs for example $200, with the eventual upgrades who knows what that original actually cost. Maybe the humor was unintelligible. BTW, did NuForce ever contact you about getting you a DDA-100? They told me they will.

            • Thank you. Yes, Nuforce did contact me but I had to pass on the review (for reasons I won’t go into here).

            • I trust you have my email address?
              Please let me know what happened – in confidence – so I know how to conduct myself in the future. All I know is that I tried to get a review unit to you. A

          • I do see your point…. You start off with a cheapish purchase but if the upgrades occur regularly with significant cost, you end up with a potentially quite expensive unit, as you add up the total expenditure. I suppose you could think of it as “time payment”…

    1. John, Looking forward to your review before I fork out for the upgrade… make that a please!

    2. Not sure why people are skeptical about the upgradeable concept. I have the Gungnir. I didnt buy it with the USB because Schiit had some issues with the USB unit they were using at the time. Now, hopefully they fixed and improved it. Its nice that I could now get it for only $150. MSB does the same thing with their modular DAC’s. Their modules cost in the thousands though!

      I also have the Wrd4snd uLink that I am using as a USB/SPDIF converter. I like it. It will be interesting to hear some comparisons between the new USB internal and the heard of external converters.

    3. So there they are, the upgrades.
      I have the Bifrost and works great.
      Maybe I will have one of those upgrades, on the other hand I’m looking out for the new to come Creek evo 50D.
      Like to see what that will do for me first.

    4. What’s the big deal about upgradeable modules to keep your product current? This concept was proposed when the Bitfrost was launched. They are merely keeping their word. Not exactly common in this strange world we inhabit..

      Your comments might’ve been valid when aimed at a certain $100 valve based dac with reliability problems. It was hugely popular on headfi – but, each time it broke down, it was so good that many owners bought another. Some admitting to buying $4-500 worth. Yep, there I would definitely agree with you.

      Instead, it spawned the existence of Audio-Gd: not exactly a bad thing, huh?


      • Look, I have nothing against Schiit Audio, they’re good designers providing good value. I do have something against people who have no sense of humor and take offense because of legitimate criticism of a component they happen to own. It’s a joke biddy, don’t take me or yourself too seriously!

        Hang in there cupcake!

    5. I like the upgrade concept and it was one of the factors when I was deciding to buy a Bifrost. Perhaps it depends on how one looks at future audio expenditures. Everything digital becomes obsolete relatively quickly. If putting out 100-200 at a time (just guessing on this) to upgrade to better sound or newer technology rather than having to ditch something I like and spend even more appeals to me. At least to have that option. I just received and installed both Bifrost upgrades. And I’m a little surprised about how much better the sound is so far.

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