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Graham Slee ‘Bitzie’ DAC / headphone amplifier

  • Graham Slee has had his USB DAC & headphone amplifier in the oven for a while…and now it’s finally ready to eat. This palm-sized unit was first christened ‘Itsy’ but now it’s called Bitzie. Not much better if you ask me but it’s a minor niggle for what appears to be an impressive feature set. 24bit/192kHz-capable USB input feeds two front-facing headphone sockets as well as twin S/PDIF outputs on the rear. This means deployment as USB-S/PDIF convertor is also on the menu if you need no more than a 16bit/48kHz max output.  Full specifications are here.


    No drivers are required on ANY operating system and – because of its lower power draw USB implementation (100mA/0.5W) – the Biztie works out of the box with an iPad + camera connection kit. It is also reported to work direct-connected to a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone running Android Jellybean.

    I reckon this will be a popular choice with those already familiar with Slee’s solid gold reputation with phono stages and headphone amplifiers.

    The Biztie DAC sells for £291.67. Bundle in the companion (£66.67) Lautus USB cable for £333.25.

    You can trial the Bitzie DAC as part of Graham Slee’s loaner programme.

    Further Information: Graham Slee

    Written by John Darko

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