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Grave Science introduce ‘special edition’ digital interconnect

I like backing small-time players, particularly when they pull on a sense of patriotism. South Australia’s Peter Graves has introduced a ‘special edition’ digital interconnect; only available as a limited run due to supply material constraints. I’ve already snagged one.

The core is solid 23AWG silver-plated copper (made in the USA) and Teflon insulated.  A 2% silver solder is applied to terminations and 75 ohm impedance runs end to end.


“The double layer high density shield is manufactured using braided silver-plated copper strands surrounding a 100% coverage aluminium foil. The RCA connectors are low mass with gold-plated pin and skirt”, adds Peter Graves.

The standard 1 meter Grave Science digital interconnect sells for AU$175. Custom lengths are available on request.  A 75 ohm, gold-BNC adaptor is included in the package.


Further information: Grave Science

John H. Darko

Written by John H. Darko

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  1. Ooooh… very nice. Mr Graves certainly knows how to make a decent cable! I’m using his standard digital cables and they perform wonderfully well. I must resist the urge to upgrade to the SE version!

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