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Schiit Audio announce $99 Magni headphone amplifier and $99 Modi DAC

  • Hot Schiit!  Jason Stoddard had a barebones prototype hidden under the table at RMAF and swore me to secrecy. He told me Schiit were planning a $99 DAC and $99 headphone amp. “Madness!“, I thought.

    But no, they’re here. Not only are they ninety-nine sheets apiece, they’re also Made In The USA.

    Magni: 1.2W Discrete headphone amplifier (US$99)

    “Yes, you read that right. Magni is the most powerful and the least expensive amp in its class—and it is also the only amp in its price class that is fully discrete, and DC coupled from input to output. It’s powerful enough for many orthos, transparent enough for many high-end headphones, and quiet enough for many IEMs. It may be the only amp you ever need. also made in the USA. And has a warranty 2X longer than most of the products in this price class.”, says Stoddard.

    Further information: Magni Product Page and Magni FAQ

    Modi USB 24/96 DAC (US$99)

    “Modi is the most advanced USB DAC in its price class, featuring an asynchronous USB interface with plug-and-play, driverless operation on both PCs and Macs, a 32-bit AKM4396 D/A converter, and an active filter stage built around the AD8616 operational amplifier to drive long cables. It supports all bit depths and sampling rates from 16/44 to 24/96. Like Magni, it’s made in the USA and features a warranty 2X longer than most of the products in its price class.”, Stoddard elaborates.

    Further information: Modi Product Page and Modi FAQ

    Both the Magni and Modi are available for order now. Shipping will be within 5 – 7 days of order. Team Schiit aren’t doing CES this year. They’re staying home to meet demand for the Magni and Modi. I reckon demand will be HUGE.  [I bet Head-fi is exploding with excitement right now].


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