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Emotiva begin shipping XDA-2 DAC

  • It’s been a long time between drinks for Emotiva DAC fanciers but it looks like the folks in Tennessee have at last begun shipping their XDA-2 DAC.

    I really liked the XDA-1 (still do) and this new unit packs in even more features. A headphone output has been added that promises to “power all standard headphones with a low 0.1 ohm output impedance…”. The USB has been lifted way above the XDA-1’s 16/48 ceiling: ALL six inputs on the new model handle up to 24/192. Volume attenuation is no longer digital, it’s analogue: the XDA-2 runs with a resistor ladder implementation.  This has to be one of the least expensive DACs to come to market with balanced outputs.

    Armchair audiophiles with allergies to op-amps will probably take one sniff of the specifications sheet and steer clear. Pragmatists should stay the distance; why not take advantage of the 30-day in-home trial? At US$349, it’s not exactly a wallet destroyer.

    A DAR reader informs me that Emotiva have confirmed that they are still shipping direct to Australia.

    Further information: Emotiva


    EDIT:  This has now been reviewed here.

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