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AMR’s iFi Micro range features iUSBPower and iDAC

  • i Stands for interactive, Fi for fidelity. These are the fruits of a joint venture between iFi Micro and Abbingdon Music Research (AMR).  The iFi Micro products feature Reagan-esque ‘trickle-down’ from AMR’s higher-end technology.

    The iFi iDAC (AU$349) seems interesting enough. There’s an ESS Sabre chipset (presumably 9023?) in a small-ish case with both line and headphone outputs. The USB input is asynchronous (check) and can decode anything up to 24/192 (check). (On paper at least) so far, so good.

    Of more interest to existing DAC owners is the iUSBPower (AU$249): it sits between computer and DAC filters out (some of) the detritus from your computer’s USB 5V line. You get to feed your DAC with a much cleaner power supply. This (theoretically) should make for a more satisfying listen: more emphatic transients, deeper tonal colours, blacker background. I picture the iUSBPower being a neat add-on to the Audiophilleo or similar.

    Inputs are a 9V DC low noise power supply and type B USB (that connects to your computer).

    At the opposite end of the unit are two USB Type-A outputs: “Power only” and “Power + Audio”, either are for connecting the iUSBPower to your DAC.  To use the former you’ll need a USB ‘splitter’ cable – coming in February 2013 from iFi Micro.

    Also being released in the iFi range are the Class A iCan headphone amplifier (AU$299) and iPhono phono stage (AU$449). Surely ‘iPhono’ skirts dangerously close to ‘iPhone’?  Besides, the ‘i’ prefix has been done to death by Apple; anyone else using it just makes me cringe a little.  Regardless of my gut reaction to AMR’s naming conventions, they could be onto a winner with this iFi Micro range.

    Further information: iFi Audio / Maxmedia

    John Darko

    Written by John Darko

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    1. interesting news release, I was just thinking about a power supply solution (iUSBPower type gadget) the other day to power an Audiophilleo.

      Any plans for a review / comparo ? if so when ?

    2. This is WILD. I met Vinny from the iFi crew at RMAF this year, and he seemed very cool. I told him Harry blew my mind back in 09, when I entitled one of my What is the Future of the High End series: The birth of “iFi” and the inclusion of the young:

      – He told me it would take hold. Now look – its amazing!!

      Great reporting as always John – can’t wait to see your reviews of their products!! Keep up the great work as ALWAYS

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