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Bakoon Products AMP-11R integrated amplifier

High-efficiency high-enders take note:  Brisbane’s Audio Addiction has been granted the Australian distribution rights for Bakoon Products.

“After extensive testing of Bakoon’s AMP-11R integrated we are very excited to offer this brand locally”, said AA helmsman Tony Schmidt.

“We believe that the AMP-11R will be a new reference for solid state amplifiers in the future. There is absolutely no transistor artefacts and extremely good linear bandwidth from this amplifier. The sound is exceptionally balanced and transparent.”

“Combined with our range of high sensitive speakers from WLM we believe it offers an outstanding combination of accuracy, musicality and emotional connection.”, he continued.

I can see why: the Bakoon AMP-11R amplifier combines a very unique Satri circuit design with extremely selective component choice. At 15 watts per side a high efficiency loudspeaker pairing will be essential. Srajan Ebaen gave it a rave over at 6Moons.

Pre-orders for the AMP-11R are now open and full stock will apparently be arriving shortly. The RRP is AU$4999.

Further Information: Bakoon Products / Audio Addiction

John H. Darko

Written by John H. Darko

John is the editor of Darko.Audio, from whose ad revenues he derives an income. He is also an occasional contributor to 6moons and AudioStream and currently resides in Berlin, Germany.

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