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DAR ‘strategically partners’ with TONEAudio

  • That post title sounds so corporate, doesn’t it?  In real life things boil down to a greater level of simplicity: as per the announcement made by editor Jeff Dorgay in the current issue’s editorial intro, I am joining the writing team at TONEAudio.  Dorgay isn’t your typical audiophile: he doesn’t worship at the altar of Diana Krall and he possesses serious amounts of the ‘American optimism’ that keeps me heading back to the USA for hi-fi shows and holidays.  Dorgay also owns an insane number of turntables.

    Regular contributors to TONEAudio also include Steve Guttenberg and Ken Kessler.  So…yeah.

    It’s tough to counterbalance this blog post’s outward expression of pride with the requisite humility – but hey, I guess my alignment with TONEAudio’s ‘music-first’ policy must mean that I write right. (Go me).

    TONEAudio is published monthly and is available as a hi-res .pdf via Zinio subscription (US$15 per annum) or a standard-res .pdf (free!) direct from the TONE website.

    John H. Darko

    Written by John H. Darko

    John is the editor of Darko.Audio, from whose ad revenues he derives an income. He is an occasional contributor to 6moons but has previously written pieces for TONEAudio, AudioStream and Stereophile. John used to live in Sydney. Now he lives in Berlin.

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    1. Congrats on the new gig! I’m new to your site and work, and look forward to digging in. TONEAudio is a big favorite of mine, and I feel that their Facebook offering is a model in interactive journalism. They have killer giveaways too! (hehe)…

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